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  1. hyo silver, where's the rest of the pics ?
  2. supplied by the sponsor. I think I will try the tights...not the shoes
  3. Is it worthwhile getting it?
  4. phb2007 -was this pic taken in Sutherland with SALT (South African Large Telescope) in background? It is coldest place in SA, i think
  5. The outcome was.......................................................adjourned until further notice, before the Giro de Italia
  6. Epoh my brother, you cracked the DTF code. I thought someone would notice. Congrats
  7. Basso at the Italian Olympic Committe (CONI) hearing yesterday. Calm, serene was the words to describe him
  8. This will slowly uncover doping in other sport codes. Swimming: Ian Thorpe last month. Cricket???
  9. I think we should erect some along the notorious Gympie Street drag in Woodstock near Cape Town
  10. This is a sad story for all TDF fans. It seems that with Lance out of the way, it complicated matters for GC contenders. And yet they know the doping system is fool proof. Whoever worked with Landis on this disaster should speak out.. Who knows what 2007 will start with. Even the TDF 2006 dvd title is uncertain.
  11. Have you used your deep dish in a TT race yet? Is it a carbon dish? I've also heard from mates that deep dish wheels make a "whooosh" sound when rolling fast. Ok, I didn't answer your question. I think use them in TT or tri. Have fun
  12. Correct BigH. It was Langkawi 2006. Looks like the mechanic trying to hook him with the index finger. No helmet. No ride
  13. I knew I was gonna get wacked over the knuckles for "shiplifter" It should have been "shopfitter." Anyway, its a good story. Apologies Big H . It won't happen again. I promise
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