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  1. u let them hang in the garage..? !!
  2. Bruce, U supposed to be on leave..!! than mean REST a bit.. VO2max2007-12-24 03:49:41
  3. Ok peoples, I have 26 posters wih me. ShaunH will also do some of the shops today and thus kept a few. He will let me have the names of the shops he will be doing himself as there were shops that ask him to come around himself. If there are posters left he will leave it here with his family and I will get them from his family. To those that is helping, I will get the posters to you ASAP or keep them as arranged for pick-up from me. In January we will arrange for some more posters to be send down to CT. Thanks again for all those helping.
  4. WB I almost would have asked you to be a tandem partner, then you do all the work and I can sit and relax..
  5. WB, for a moment I almost fell from the coach.. I just caught the sentence "Why is it easier (or more doable) for me to constantly push 300-350 watts up a hill for 30-45 min but then when I try to create that same power output on a flat to slightly downhill time trial I get nowhere close to being able to hold that wattage".. You are putting out some serious wattage...!! then I actually read it properly but man that was a moment of consternation as I am way off those figures and that put you almost in the same category as Bruce... VO2max2007-12-23 09:50:34
  6. Hey there Racman, how you doing.. ? Tell us more about that CT-Knysna ride. I need some serious stuff to be held against a certain you know who... and yes I will not make a remark to the Polar incident...
  7. Awesome Idea. Just added Sportmans warehouse to the list. You anyway have to pick up posters for WB that he organised with me. With let you know details..
  8. HS: its for the "Sign up cycling safe" campaign : More info go to: www.cyclingetc.co.za
  9. I am also compiling a list of favourite coffee shops where cyclists normally stop. Let me have the names please so that we can contact these owners to have posters put up there. Any clubs that might dispaly these posters..? Any other ideas.. ShaunH, you see why I say 50 posters is not a lot..
  10. These are the shops I have on my list. If I missed a shop please let me know. If anybody is willing to help in an area let me know. I have added my name to most but any help will be appreciated. There are a few cycle tour operators in around cape town/ paarl/ stellenbosch. Anybody have their details. We should also contact them to have posters set up in their offices as their are always tourists comming through and they might also like to donate. Maybe get another method to collect money for cycle sign-up. PlacePlaceResponsibleBowmansCape TownVo2maxBMCCape TownVo2maxBicyclepowerCape TownVo2maxCyclelabCape TownVo2maxCycle FactoryCape TownVo2maxAction CyclingCape TownVo2maxAstra Pro CyclesCape TownVo2maxCrown CyclesCape TownVo2maxCity CyclesCape TownVo2maxThe Epic Bike ShopCape TownVo2maxPPA OfficesCape TownVo2maxBridge cyclesDieprivierVo2maxManic cyclesFranshoekVo2maxBikehut NoordhoekWindbreakerHein Kroff cyclesPaarlVo2maxHugenote cyclesPaarlVo2maxKevin Green SportPaarlVo2maxHelderberg Cycle WorldSomerset West / StrandFandaciousMaverick Cycles Somerset West / StrandFandaciousWilliams CyclesSomerset West / StrandFandaciousFlandriaStellenboschVo2maxMasonsStellenboschVo2maxOlympic cyclesTokai / ClaremontVo2maxFemme SportiffTokai / ClaremontVo2maxCyclelabTokai / ClaremontVo2maxChris WillemseTygervalley Vo2maxWillie EngelbrechtTygervalley Vo2maxCycle FactoryTygervalley Vo2maxFrancois du Toit cyclesTygervalley Vo2maxHigh Street CyclesTygervalley Vo2maxSportman's warehouseTygervalley and other areasVo2maxRegal CyclesVishoekWindbreakerManic cycles WorcesterNellieCycle SceneWorcesterNellieKing's CycleWorcesterNellieVO2max2007-12-23 09:39:44
  11. thanx Fand, I will get the posters for you when I collect me and Nellie's tommorow, and then get them to you ASAP. send me PM with contcat details so that I can arrange drop off of the posters for you.
  12. As per our arrangements I will pick up mine from you tommorow (I hope to take about 40 - so I hope u havent promised too many people posters). I will be doing most Cape Town shops and Boland. However, we need just to clarify the following: As a lot of driving is involved to get to shops I would however like to know who else will be doing Cape Town shops and which shops they will attend to, just to save me a trip to those shops. I will also be doing Paarl, Malmesbury, Stellenbosch. Nellie U still willing to do Worcester? I will then also pick up your posters and get them to u in worcester. Anybody doing somerset west.? if there are no takers for SW then I will do that also. Come on hubbers. Lets show ShaunH how we do it here in slaapstad. ShaunH is here on holiday, and it is not fr him to work during this time. Lets give him a break and we can do this y ourselves. As in other posts I also think it is a great Idea to put up these posters in other very accessable places where there are alot f feet, however Bike shops need to be first priority. So ShaunH, 50 posters is not not a lot. U will need to send a lot more. I will also be driving the process for ShaunH down here. Anybody willing to help, please contact me or Texas Sally, as she will also be involved..
  13. Just have to congratulate Dr Watts (Adrian) from BicylePower on the most outstanding service.. !! I received my new powertap wheelset today and I must be honest. These new wheels are everything and more as what was promised to me with regards to components etc. Very sweet set. Awesome build with really sexy lacing of the spokes. Adrian also kept me informed of the whole process even when the spokes landed in South Africa he mailed me and told me the components arrived. Mailed me when the wheels were handed in for build etc... Just too many things that is way above the norm. Thanks Adrian. Thanks Frank. Always good to be doing business with you guys. You guys rock.!!VO2max2007-12-14 13:52:31
  14. Why the heck do they have to adjust the winning time if it is a timed event. If I finish x minutes behind winner then I should be seeded according to that. I cannot help if the winner did not ride fast enough? I train hard to get closer to the winner and I do but not if they keep on adjusting the winners time.... That means I will forever be stuck in a group. Can you guys please explain this to me as the last 3 or four races winners time has been adjusted by about 6-7 minutes. VO2max2007-12-05 04:00:16
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