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  1. Hi All Haven't been able to ride as much as I originally planned and have ended up with 2 wheelsets. Only looking to keep one and then sell off the other. Wondering which one should be the keeper and looking for advice on that. Wheelsets are ZTR Flow EX rims on Hope Pro 2 hubs. Mavic EX 823 on Hope and Nukeproof hubs Mainly looking at keeping one for casual riding and still being able to stand up to some harder occasional Enduro type stuff. Am at about 110kg.
  2. Dammit...might be fit enough to try. Skills very rusty though.
  3. Many orders made. many more will follow with Diald bikes. The service is excellent.
  4. Yup. Ordered though Dial'd Bikes.
  5. Wanting to hopefully find out how it rides off-road this weekend. And the versatility is exactly why I chose the frame.
  6. Mistakes happen. It's what you do afterwards that makes the difference. That about sums up my dealings with Dial'd bikes recently. Previously had no hassles or problems. My last order is where things went pear shaped. Ordered a frame from them, and what should have been a 2 week wait from the supplier turned into 2 months of waiting (after manufacturer sent frame missing bits). The rave here is that Dial'd was a pleasure to deal with during this period, always answering queries and keeping me informed of progress (I might have nagged a bit as well, being eager for the new toy). So well done on the customer service side. Much appreciated.
  7. Pittstop

    DH Rims

    823's seem to be the ideal, but I can't justify that much on a wheel that might see use about 3-4 times a year..max
  8. Pittstop

    DH Rims

    I'm a little heavy to use Flows as DH rims (about 105kg). If I was I'd use the Flow EX rims I have on the bike at the moment. But thanks.
  9. Pittstop

    DH Rims

    Depends how much he wants. Just had to pass on a full wheelset as my car decided it needed the attention some more. Why I am looking to build up the wheels piece by piece.
  10. Pittstop

    DH Rims

    Due to life butting in I can't get a complete wheelset at the moment and am looking now to get it in bits and pieces over then next couple of months. Looking to be used as the alternate wheelset on my NS Soda for DH application. Will not be used too often as the main use for the Soda will be AM/Enduro type riding. Which means looking for a decent wheelset that will not break the bank. And I am a heavy rider at about 105kg, so strength will be one of the priorities. So far have been looking at local options and looking at the following Mavic EX721 Mavic EX729 (and I know about 823's but they about R600 more for a pair than these options) Dartmoor Raider (not much info/reviews on these) Spank Spike (35 EVO or 28 AL) WTB Frequency i23/i25
  11. And the bike back from assembly......only ride its had was from the bike shop back home, but damn......seems nippy and nimble (but thats just from bouncing round the curbs and playing in parking lot). Now to get off my backside this weekend and try it out proper (lungs allowing).
  12. For enduro rims I have the current Flows on the bike. The second sturdier wheelset I need will be more for when I change the bike into a DH spec......Looking at the following set of wheels. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/61149-intense-socom-fro-medium/
  13. Need to see play around and see what works for what still once assembled, but currently building it light for trying to do some uphill. Going to start in short travel mode and change from there. Full specs when assembled: Frame: NS Soda Fork: Durolux (180mm) Shock: Monarch + RC3 Wheels: Hope Pro2 Evo with Flow EX rims Crank: Saint with 32 chainring (have 34 as well but am soooo unfit at the moment). Pedals: Nukeproof Brakes: XT (203 rotor front & 180mm rear) Seatpost: Reverb Saddle: Nukeproof Stem: Nukeproof 50mm Handlebar: Dartmoor Blacklabel Cassette: XT 11-36 Drivetrain: Zee with XT shifter and chain Skills probably not up to that course yet, and still recovering from a recent sickness. Also bike won't be ready by then. Might pull through to spectate depending on life and other stuff. That's why I chose the Soda. Also have a RS Kage and Domain for swopping onto the bike for when feeling like being more adventurous.....still need to get a sturdier wheelset for that though. Options.....I like them
  14. After 2 months of waiting.....the frame arrived. Rolling chassis done, and taking her to get assembled this weekend..
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