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  1. If you can stretch a little bit, you can get a brand new Rockhopper. If you're buying two, you might be able to get close to your budget. https://www.specialized.com/za/en/rockhopper-29/p/184115?color=291598-184115
  2. The Pyga had a bit of a glow up from the day I got it. A few deals on Black Friday, a few headaches over stock issues, and a number of services later...
  3. https://www.takealot.com/rockbros-mtb-pedals-with-nylon-composite-fiber-material-wide-fla/PLID72182653 https://www.takealot.com/rockbros-mtb-pedals-mountain-bike-pedals/PLID72054980
  4. Upgrade your groupset and get high engagement hubs for your rims.
  5. I have both the Ciovita and the Magneeto jackets. No real big differences between them. The Ciovita one has more magnets on the connecting section, whereas the Magneeto has zippers, so not as easy to remove on the fly.
  6. I would also assume that the XC oriented bikes of your friends have different groupsets too? Perhaps that's also the difference going uphill.
  7. Hey, that's my hood. Happy to join you for a ride on the spruit and include you in rides on the weekends - mostly cradle moon lodge, northerns, red barn etc. Send me a message and let's exchange details if you're keen.
  8. She broke her arm a few weeks ago AFAIK. So she's probably on the bench.
  9. Hi all. I need to find stock of 6 bolt brake rotors. I recently bought a wheelset and unfortunately, I forgot to enquire about the rotors fitting. I am currently running the Shimano XT 160 & 180 rotors. I can't find stock of the 180. Can someone suggest an alternative to the Shimanos?
  10. Hey Cois, not sure if it will help or if you've tried it already, but when my partner was pregnant and suffered nausea, we found that peppermint / spearmint oil (you can buy at dischem) in one of those essential oil burners mixed with some water really helped. Not saying it's the same situation, but it's worth a shot if you've tried everything else.
  11. They have some genuinely weird things under clearance. But ended up getting 2 frying pans for almost 70% off a while back. It pays off to look at it now and again.
  12. Ciovita gear on one day only https://www.onedayonly.co.za/ Also a few weird sizes in their clearance section https://www.onedayonly.co.za/clearance-sale
  13. If you want to finance a bicycle (or anything for that matter), it's the same as taking out a loan. My advice would be to apply for the finance, see what rate they give you and over how much. Then apply for a loan or a credit card or an overdraft and see which one of them has the lowest cost of borrowing the money.
  14. Dayle said he would be able to help next week. Hallelujah.
  15. Yeah I called them first. They said around April the last time. I'll try again.
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