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  1. I sort-of agree with your local bike shop. I live in Gauteng and i ride a XC carbon hardtail with 100mm travel. No local trails here in Gauteng that you cant ride with it. Done Sani2c, Berg and Bush etc with the hardtail no problem.
  2. I love the history of this sport. Reading Matt Fitzgerald, Iron War got me into it and made me fall in love with endurance sport. https://www.ironman.com/history The trophy from the first IM race: Race Start:
  3. That is sort of how the original IM race started. That first race only had 15 competitors and John Dunbar the guy who finished second only hydrated with beer:-)
  4. Agreed, looks like an awesome product but there is noway I'm paying that sort of money for an inner tube.
  5. What is the PE weather like in November? I still have PTSD from the wind & heat we had in 2019, never before had to pedal to go downhill :-)
  6. I like the Specialized Chisel, but there is no stock in the country and it is more expensive than the Trek almost double the price. If it was me I would buy the Trek for 18K and just upgrade the seat post to a dropper. 30K - https://www.specialized.com/za/en/chisel-comp/p/184105?color=291528-184105 21K - https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/x-caliber/x-caliber-8/p/33193/?colorCode=grey_black 18K - https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/marlin/marlin-8/p/34649/
  7. Nice bike, I would ride it! With the way the bike market is at the moment you will struggle to find a new bike with that spec for a better price.
  8. I like the compact size but 500 bucks for an inner tube is just ridiculous.
  9. This might just be the perfect inner tube for the Cradle. Would hate to know what they cost.
  10. Looking at the road race profile, I think the course favours a Dan Martin type of rider.
  11. Nothing wrong with a hardtail, Mountain Biking doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to be fun.
  12. I can vouch for Richard he is very good I've had a couple setups done with him.
  13. I agree 100%. Nothing wrong with making a profit or getting a good deal as long as something illegal or unethical isn't going on. IMO any person buying stolen/misallocated/fell off a truck goods are as guilty as the person who is supplying it.
  14. Very good video, I think most of us older guys know this already but this video can save you a lot of money if you are new to cycling.
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