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  1. Sounds like the 947 Road race might be around the corner, cradle was quiet last time I was there. I'm sure things will go back to normal soon enough. As soon as everyone has done their panic training.
  2. Sheesh.... us cyclist are defiantly an elitist bunch of chops, no wonder we get so much hate
  3. IMO sometimes better not to judge its not always about "street cred". I know someone who beat cancer done an Ironman got the logo to remind her of what she overcame.
  4. The Freedom challenge have a pretty cool logo and it is a proper challenge so I think it will make a cool tattoo
  5. I'm sure I'm going to be in the minority here but i don't have an issue with these tattoos. Tattoos are a personal choice and they normally tell a story. At least these have some meaning better than some random tramp-stamp or some crapy tribal tattoo.
  6. Hahah... especially if you call her a Hippo.
  7. Hahah saw this on Reddit this morning. Apparently Hippos have been known to be ungrateful assholes
  8. WTF who is this guy, some sort of social media Influencer?
  9. Agreed, I'm so jealous of the guys living in the Cape!
  10. Only if you ride the epic on your epic bike and post about it on the hub.
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