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  1. I've been seeded into $ for the argus but am unsure exactly why or what this group is, so does anyone know what this invitational group actually is and how they might seed one into it? Also has there been a similar group in the past? james357mag2009-01-30 09:59:36
  2. Why would u want to use rollars.. pls tell me when u get them so that i can film u fall over and laugh at u ...
  3. Does anyone know about the giant TCR Composite frames. How similar would the 2003, 04 and 05 frames be to one another ? I am trying to work out how much my 05 frame weigh but can only find that the 03 and 04 frames weigh just over 1kg.
  4. Easton Ascent II - Any thoughts about these wheels? Seem to have good reviews on the internet. What sort of price would they go for?james357mag2007-03-16 09:12:40
  5. Yeah Hagar it wasn't bad I suppose' date=' but to miss breaking 4 hours by a minute? It hurts. I caught a great tow behind one of the AA tandems for the last few KM's but to no avail. Those guys in PC certainly focus your attention with their antics though. I swear that most of them weave so much they surely double the distance that they ride. One oke just fell off going up Chapies. No outside help, nothing. He just fell off got back up and carried on as if it is a normal everyday event. A mate of mine who is weaker than me on a bike did 3:40 on an MTB. He started in S and had no wind tom speak of, so next year the wench is on her own.[/quote'] U think it hurt not breaking 4 by a minute, i missed 3 by a minute
  6. Do any of u guys know whether the Knysna 100km route will be the same as last year cos i heard it was changing...
  7. The H guys in front of me were even worse, we would catch a big bunch of them on every hill and they took up the whole road so there was no room to pass..... couldnt even weave properly and got forced into the dirt for a bit.
  8. Whats up with the Argus results??, why arent they up yet?
  9. Has anyone seen the update for the weather for the argus 2moro? Suddenly changed to a strong Southerly, is this correct
  10. when will it be on again, btw is the Argus going to be aired?
  11. Centre of gravity makes no difference besides the fact that you want it to be as low as possible for stabilty.
  12. Could anyone help advise me with buying aa good quality set of wheels that are light 'sh but not to much over 7 grand ?
  13. Thanks that webiste is really cool times r quite big for something liek Franchoek pass i would save about 1:10
  14. How much in a race such as the cobra with a hill top finish? Or Argusjames357mag2007-03-04 09:59:55
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