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  1. Some question on shoes. I seem to be getting less and less mileage from my shoes. I run with New balance 880. As I have heelspurs, my heels are very sensitive to when shoes get softer on the heel. Now that new balance is freshfoaming all the shoes, I get maybe 400-500KM from a pair, vs. previously I could get about 30% more from them. at R3000 per pair, it is getting ridiculous. I am thinking to try the Decathlon house brand shoes at more than half the price. any experience on these shoes?
  2. did the Lindani lodge trailrun the past weekend (40km past Vaalwater). Can recommend. really a proper trailrun experience in the waterberg if you are looking for a new event. make a weekend of it they also have MTB race in July and Gravel race in October. www.RORevents.co.za
  3. Best loadshedding solution ever. Drunk guy totalled our substation. instead of replacing it, they bridged to another line. havent had loadshedding in more than a month
  4. Its broken, time to burn it and buy a new bike
  5. if anyone is looking for a very light 26er frame, pm me, as I need to clear garage space, willing to split up the bike. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/610893/merida-26inch-jose-hermida-signature-frame-mtb I am myself still riding another a 26inch frame, but with 27,5 inch wheels that I use for training, rather than my 29er. parts are just much cheaper
  6. would also appreciate some view on this https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/610893/merida-26inch-jose-hermida-signature-frame-mtb Open to offers, need to clear some space in my garage
  7. I recently decided to buy a fly rod or two. bought a mixed lot on marketplace, and in the bag was two reels. one brass and +/- 120 years old, another slightly younger pre WW1 reel. https://www.facebook.com/groups/250911149977358/permalink/595045282230608/
  8. Wow is this topic still allowed to be open, as it is non-cycling?
  9. This was the best frame I ever raced. I had the black anodized Alu one. It cracked around the seatpost, and I replaced it with the soloist carbon, but I prefered the alu.
  10. Same here, and if the online price is lower than instore, I push them to match
  11. you can look at the the factory outlet stores, they have sales now and again, could pick up a decent pair for ~ 1500
  12. Good morning, I used to go to Buffels almost every weekend, however with the rains this season, I stopped going there since January. Want to go there this weekend, however, not sure if all the trails are fixed and open. Is the NGUNI open? Thanks
  13. I used Shimano 105 hydraulic 11spd levers with normal old xt calipers, worked fine. the issue came in with indexing of 11psd road to 11spd mtb cluster. they do not match
  14. Sadly I see he has been released due to lack of evidence https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/nuus/hof/2-fietsryers-getref-nie-genoeg-bewyse-teen-bestuurder-20220201?fbclid=IwAR0ZD7Yv7yXD_S49shxqpNrYL9HrqnOSDZJpbqDjgkQ3Ir3kaGNApVqqPHY
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