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  1. You can whattsapp me at 0716081824 to arrange a date as im going to be in and out over the next couple of weeks. But super keen to show you what Hermanus has got to over, legal and illegal...
  2. Rad! Just shoot me a message a little while before hand, so we can work out a day that suits us.
  3. Hey everyone I've recently noticed an increase of more enduro bikes (hopefully riders) on my local trails here in, Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. Although these trails are not bad, they do lack any form of challenge or gradient. A few mates and I have been building a pretty steep and gnarly-ish trail and would be keen to show or send the location of to anyone who is looking for something a bit different in Hermanus. If you're a local and have some spare time to contribute to finishing up the trail and or maintenance, it would also be greatly appreciated. If you are coming for a weekend and need someone to show you some of our more gravity focused trails we've built (and found ) do let me know.
  4. Was writing my Geography premarily exam today and noticed Hogs Back was on one of the maps. :’( Can’t confirm that the thought of dropping out of school to ride the enduro crossed my mind but shortly after remembered that I need a decent income, to buy more bikes. :/ But definitely want to make a trip up when the opportunity presents itself again.
  5. First enduro race, had so much fun. Thanks so much Chris for organizing everything. Cramps from stage 3.....
  6. I’ve been running this bag for a little less than a year. At first it sucked as it bounced around because I didn’t know how to use it. The straps on the front are super easy to tighten and loosen. I discovered there’s a good reason ,it’s designed like that so when you drink water the bag gets looser and obviously bounces around. Another tip, it’s a lot more comfortable sitting just above you waist bone as if it’s to low it feels restricting.
  7. This one’s going to be a proper lung buster. So amped for next weekend.
  8. I actually can’t argue with that. It’s mountain biking ffs.
  9. In the insta clip he lands before a root. I feel like I might over cook it and blow up my rear wheel on it. Just a thought.....
  10. So there’s no landing after that root? :/ It’s going to be a hard brake check.
  11. It’s right in the middle of my preliminaries for matric so I’ll take anything. Rain, heat or snow. I just need a break before finals. ????
  12. So stoked for this, especially after the EWS in Zermatt. Really in the mood for just something. Thanks you for organizing and making the effort for this to happen.
  13. Thanks, just booked one which worked out a lot cheaper than camping would have been. Will you be there?
  14. The trio is in, so amped. Booking accommodation tomorrow. At least it’s a chance to get just a taste of enduro from this dry season.
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