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  1. Northcliff cycles has lazer helmets at up to 50% discount worth a look
  2. Thanks the kind of advice I’m looking for. The bike is a gravel bike that will be used mainly on road. Power will not be abused but used to keep up with a peak heart rate reduced from 175 to +- 140. The current speed limit is 28 k/m hour. A typical 50 km cradle ride was at about 27 k/m hr.
  3. Like I said the bike came with an unfitted chip I just want to know if it is worth fitting. Yes we did ride in a group and in normal circumstances I would keep up but now I would need assistance hence the ebike my heart peak reduced from 175 to 135.
  4. New bike service what a joke they don’t even know about fitment. They are a joke rather go to Makro at least you know it isn’t a lbs and know what to expect
  5. Been cycling all my life.Unfortunately had a seizure a week ago and had to go the ebike route or stay off my bike bummer. Just bought an e bike as an interim solution and it came with an unfitted chip so just looking for unbiased advice.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with chipping an ebike. I have a speed box chip, who can I approach to fit it. Thanks Guys
  7. Look at the Monton website very good products at a good price and available at Northcliff cycles locally.
  8. Believe me the best value for money and top quality is Monton. The bibs are superb and sizing is consistent.Just a warning the sizes are Asian so up size. Try Northcliff cycles they stock.
  9. Has anyone had any experience with L Twoo group sets. Wanting to buy my grand kid a bike.
  10. Northcliff run by cyclists for cyclists. Sam in there workshop is not a bike mechanic but a bike professor.
  11. Don’t know where you based but if near Fourways Gauteng go speak to Ian or Wes at Melo Velo and look at the Norco Fluid.
  12. You are close enough to Broadacres contact Ian or Wes at Melo Velo always willing to help and more stock than most 011 4655647
  13. I got a pair at Northcliff cycles
  14. Speak to Ian or Wes at Melo Velo best service, advise and price
  15. Northern Farm is simply the best!!!!
  16. Anyone with experience with these. Looking at drive on spare wheel mount. Also who are the agents?
  17. Anyone out there with experience with these. Looking at the spare wheel drive on. Also who are the agents?
  18. No doubt Norco Fluid Wes and Ian at Melo Velo are your boys best service best price
  19. At that price very hard to beat a Norco Charger. Don’t know where you based but in Gauteng Wes or Ian at Melo vello are your boys.
  20. Talk to Wes or Ian at Melo Velo about a Norco Charger
  21. Anyone had any experience with monton gear. Looks pretty good to me.
  22. Got Corima 47 carbon wheels on my road bike need new rim pads. The owners manual advises that you only use Corima cork pads to avoid damage. Can’t find them anywhere any advice/help would be appreciated
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