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  1. Wrt the gloves, I've used: 1. First Ascent First Break long finger gloves 2. First Ascent Gravel Glove short finger gloves Both of these have padding. Bike fit? Yes, twice already (MTB), perhaps time to try a third time? I've got ESI Extra Chunky grips fitted as well as these guys (https://gpm-sports.co.za/cube/sq-lab/innerbarends.html) to change up my grip every now and then
  2. Anybody got some advice for helping with numbness in the hands? After about an hours ride, my hands are numb to the extend that I struggle to shift.
  3. Has anybody bought a bike stand from www.rawoutdoors.co.za? https://www.rawoutdoors.co.za/product-page/bike-stand If so, is it any good?
  4. On our kickr (second hand, no spacers etc) we have a 11spd castte that the wife's roadbike sits on. Can I fit my 12 spd mtb (boost) on the same casette? I was given one of them 142/148 spacers by a friend, saying I should check it out. But something doesnt fit.
  5. Hi all, just had a look on the CTCT website and it seems the entries are already closed for the 2021 event, is it because it is sold out, or just closed because they are uncertain of the event date?
  6. How do guys protect/cover your drivetrain, or any part of the bike for that matter, when travelling on dirt roads with the bike on a carrier?
  7. I'm on a bluetooth connection. Will have to see to what frequency my wifi is connected...
  8. Hi peeps, please can somebody help with figuring out what is happening when my Zwift ride loses signal from all linked sensors? It starts up fine (most of the time, sometimes the "No Signal" message displays when you need to link the trainer etc.), but a couple of minutes into the ride, it loses signal again.
  9. Is it the same guys that does the "body geometry fit" as advertised on the site?
  10. Hi guys, any recommendations for getting a decent bike setup in the Pretoria area?
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