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  1. Sigma Pure GPS Computer | Technology | Product | Cycle Lab
  2. Cycled in the cradle yesterday Saturday 16 October in morning. My last stretch back to Bidons was from Neck and Deck back up long gradual hill back to Bidons. Came across an escort vehicle trying to escort about 30 cyclists from Anthem Cycling Club. Close to 94.7 lots of groups cycling and lots now using escort vehicle. Fair game. If a club can arrange some guy to ride behind them with flashing lights hats of to them. But just because you are now driving an escort vehicle behind a group of cyclists doesn't make you entitled to drive solely focused on the guys in front of you and ignoring other cyclists behind you and other road users in vehicles. This guys idea of escorting was to ride with left hand wheel in the cycle lane marked in yellow, thus putting him three quarters of the way into the left hand lane where cars etc. needed to pass. So as a solo cyclist trying to pass this group my options were to venture to the right of said escort vehicle and run the risk of getting taken out by a passing vehicle, from behind or in front. This was not the option I opted for. The other option was to sneak past said escort vehicle on the left and run the risk of the escort taking me out. I decided this was the lesser of the 2 evils. I did this, but now after passing the escort I ended up smack bang in the middle of the Anthem riders, who were riding in some instances some 4 abreast and having a good old chatter like on a coffee ride and not a training ride. They could afford to ride like this due to the blocking of the escort vehicle behind them. Surely if you serious about training as a group and organizing an escort you will be trying to push the pace and not riding 4 abreast and talking like on a Sunday coffee ride. Sorry guys but in terms of escorting and cycling etiquette clearly this club needs to work on the procedure. I know I'll get the pitch fork treatment and be lambasted but this is typical " We a group so we are entitled" type of mentality that negates rights of other riders in the area.
  3. times on the hub are changing 5 years ago some said e bikes the pitchforks were out now its an option to be considered and discussed when buying go figure
  4. rorydewet

    ring the bell

    does anyone have any information on this ride im given to understand it takes place soon but cant find details
  5. As a guy who grew up in Durban but now lives in Johannesburg I tried to follow this route step by step. To be honest I had no clue. WTF is Masabalala Yengwa Avenue., Bram Fisher, David Webster and Samora Machel. If I tried to follow these directions I would probably end up in Port Elizabeth, but that's not right its now called Gqeberha. Wow I battle to keep up. Maybe I should just settle for a race in Grahamstown.
  6. Cycled cradle Saturday When got home GPS XOSS Plus was missing. It was either stolen or fell off in Bidons car park. If latter cool if I can get it back xoss.bmp
  7. This guy is one of the unsung heroes of sport in RSA. To still be performing at his age. And he seems like such a cool nice guy to boot. Long may he ride.
  8. a helmet for about 1 000 is more than adequate lots of brand names out there i would also venture to say that you need to get a pair of gloves. sounds fancy and not for beginners but believe me when you bail and you will bail the first then you do is put downs a hand that's why you need gloves.
  9. i have the Thule velo compact which is essentially a 3 bike rack, but I have fitted the 4 adaptor. We weekly carry 4 mountain bikes on it with no issues. We have a system down pat. Its not the gospel but it works for us. Bottom line is you need a system and you need to stick to it. Order of bikes we go big bike small bike small bike big bike the first 2 go handle bars to left the last 2 handle bars to right and on each bike make sure the pedal is at bottom on the side the next bike goes. with a system its a breeze things to watch are pedals against spokes and chain rings and cassettes and derailleurs against other bikes edit never trust locks on bike racks i always carry a cable lock, doesn't mean i leave bikes unattended but cant grab bikes at intersection when stopped.
  10. I hardly sell. I mainly buy. To me asking about availability is a start to a dialogue. The answer can tell you lots about the seller. If he cant be bothered to reply look elsewhere. If he engages he is keen to sell. I have also had instances where I have asked detailed questions about a product and gone some way down the street with the seller only to be told you are number 5 in the order other guys are interested. I don't think there is a wrong or right way to do this it depends on people, their needs and other factors like how good is the item. However as stated here once you have both agreed on the transaction then its binding and if either party pulls out that should be flagged on a rating system.
  11. cajees you cant be serious you wont get any joy from them
  12. we are a family of 6 youngest son rides an extra large im on a large wife eldest son and daughter in law are on mediums other daughter in law is on a small so based on that for 6 bikes 1 by xl 1 by large 3 by medium 1 by small
  13. run a thule velocompact with the optional 4th bike adaptor we have a system for 4 bikes which way round which order bikes go in on which bike goes more left and more right etc to put 4 bikes on takes at most 3 minutes i however put a strap on when all mounted just to make sure and yes the tilt function to access the bakkie with bikes on is a winner
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