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  1. we are a family of 6 youngest son rides an extra large im on a large wife eldest son and daughter in law are on mediums other daughter in law is on a small so based on that for 6 bikes 1 by xl 1 by large 3 by medium 1 by small
  2. run a thule velocompact with the optional 4th bike adaptor we have a system for 4 bikes which way round which order bikes go in on which bike goes more left and more right etc to put 4 bikes on takes at most 3 minutes i however put a strap on when all mounted just to make sure and yes the tilt function to access the bakkie with bikes on is a winner
  3. the guys at northern farms are always happy to get stuff kit or equipment
  4. I was with you all the way on the guy spitting. But then you lost me when you brought in e-bikes. Especially when you say he was not on an e-bike. what relevance does an e-bike have to spitting at all?
  5. i ride with the Xoss G+ one plus a Garmin Forerunner 35 minor differences between the 2 but there again wife and I ride together she with a Forerunner 735xt me with my Forerunner 35 we also get minor differences between distance and elevation at the price point and depending on your ride analysis needs the Xoss G+ is good value
  6. Oh how the times are changing 2 years ago if guys on here debated e-bikes or mentioned e-bikes out came the pitch forks and the mobs had their say now we are 3 guys debating the merits etc of e bikes with chips that derestrict the speed seems the hate for e bikes is fading I hope this post however doesn't wake the sleeping dog
  7. I carry the Giant Control Mini Pro which is a dual pump, air and CO2. I also carry 2 CO2 bombs I'm running tubeless Major flats I use the bombs Topping up I use the pump However I have a floor pump at home and before leaving home I always pump to required pressure the pump on bike is for issues while riding
  8. damn Chris you need to get that e bike chipped then you can drop them on the downhill's as well its relatively cheap about R 4500
  9. be handy to know where you are based solutions are geographic dependent
  10. medic alert is ages old pre technology days i have worn one now for about 50 years started off as a place where you wore a bracelet/ necklace to alert to allergies etc in case of medical emergencies has evolved over time but essentially the same warns of allergies i have also added organ donor info to mine it doesn't have any tech features just a member number linked to a 24 hour help line with contact info suppose old school stuff still works edit lately they have tried to make bracelet more fashionable so you get gold and silver versions that look like jewelry and you pay jewelry price, but you can still get a stock standard stainless steel version
  11. still no update on what went down is it something hubbers should know about or do we let it go?
  12. any details on what happened to her
  13. short answer is no the price is this case would be marked as subject to negotiation and written agreement unless you say im happy with the price and dont want the option to negotiate up
  14. half way there a legally binding contract is based on an OFFER (could be to sell, could be to purchase) and ACCEPTANCE. Then the contract is binding. Its easy when there are only 2 parties involved. i.e. you and I, one offers the other accepts all good. However when the OFFER isn't exclusive i.e. to one party but open to public then as someone here pointed out how do you know if you the person accepting were the first to accept. So the person who made offer needs to acknowledge that you have accepted and that the deal is binding. Law is never black and white more kind of grey. I guess this would be a bad time to mention the word integrity, does it still exist ?
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