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  1. They also done away with the bicycle benefit some of my Strava rides do appear on the vitality app, others don't
  2. I agree I used to use a similar spare wheel mount, my experience was never good when towing 2 bicycles so I got the platform rack
  3. If you towing 2 bikes with this type best to get the 3 bike rack
  4. Wesbank. A salesman at big BS once told me 90% of their bicycle sales are financed. OP asked how he can finance a bicycle, not financial advise.
  5. Water points this year were poorly, water only what they do with our money? Another cup of water at the finish line
  6. Never done the night rides but Wolve is extremely safe
  7. There's the crocodile park....kidding I only cycled inside the estate
  8. I ride with Magped and they work like a charm. I started with the Magped Sport towards the end of last year and later upgraded to the Magped Enduro. Its a lot of money to pay for pedals but its been worth it for me. I'm terrified of clipless since I fell and broke a few ribs coz I couldn't clip out on time. "Unclipping" on the Magped is exactly the same as you'd do with flats, you simply lift your foot off the pedals but you also attached to the pedals when climbing/pedaling or going downhill. I was used to pulling on the pedals when climbing so flats didn't quite do it for me. I've listed my old Magped Sport for R1500.00 on the classifieds.
  9. Great trails, and they host good triathlon events, both MTB and road. Rode once last year for a MTB triathlon. They have launched a Mountain Bike Series with 8 races planned for this year. First race is on the 7th of March, think I'll start
  10. Heard yesterday it still ain't open to the public yet, but some people been ridding the trails and they say its awesome so hang in there
  11. Any one ever ride hear? How's the trails in terms of technicality and safety for a solo rider for midweek afternoon rides? Scanty info about these trails on the internet
  12. If anyone still looking for an entry please DM me. Not giving them away for free though. I got entries for both MTB and road, and I wanna bail
  13. If anyone looking for an entry DM me. I wanna bail. I got entries for both MTB and road race. Unfortunately I'm not giving them away for free
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