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  1. I did have the old core go to flab again in the last few months. I must admit that in December the sore neck and blades were ok. Then came issues with shoulder pain and numb pinky on my left hand and now the neck again. Time to slim down again.
  2. Now I'm starting to think that 35mm stem is needed. Neck and shoulder blades area gets bit sore on harder rides around 30 to 35km where I'm jumping a lot and riding a lot of tight technical. On easier rides at 50km it's a lot better.
  3. I hope I never have to deal with them again. The agent on the sellers end is quote a little firecracker and handled the sale pretty well. Then we had issues with our buyers and this guy became a little annoying with his commission chasing. Hopefully never again. For now we wait for rates clearance on our property and for the seller to sign the transfer papers. Something is brewing though... the seller claims she's doesn't have the transfer documents. I suspect a delay tactic since their new house isn't completed yet. Occupation on both ends is on transfer.
  4. Heading to Red Barn this afternoon. If anyone is keen please send me a whatsapp on oh-eight-free twenty-six-zero 4159 Most likely start at 14:30 for a 2 hour fun ride.
  5. He will smoke most of us going up as well.
  6. This is the thread you are looking for:
  7. I bought a TP-Link Wifi Mesh system on sale. 3 access points that create a seamless network throughout the house. The fibre box was installed today in the lounge which is more or less in the front of the house covering the garage, bike room, lounge, and gym. The second unit will be in the kitchen that covers the two offices, kitchen. The third will be in the master bedroom to cover all the bedroom and then finish triangulation with the lounge AP again. That is theory anyways.
  8. In my infinite lack of wisdom I sold my Roadster in 2019 and I miss it every damn day. This is really tickling my fancy.... http://metalheads.co.za/bikes/harley-davidson-dyna-street-bob Guess it is time to make that learners appointment again.
  9. After two years of having out place in the market we finally sold it. Privately I might add. After 6 offers falling through due to either not getting finance or the buyer ghosting the deal we decided to kick all the agents out. As a photographer I staged the house and took all the photos myself. Editing is key to make sure everything looks catalog perfect. We are finally moving out of the "hood" and into a house that is technically too big for us (600sqm), but finally having a garage again and a dedicated gym, bike room, and two offices for working from home is something I ca
  10. Since it is Friday.... I don't agree. My 29er made me a better rider because of the bigger wheels. 26 is dead.
  11. Very english. Much chinese import. Great shocking quality. I lol at wheel:spoke and crank:seal
  12. And the award for the longest title ever goes to..... drumroll. Good post with all the information that everyone experiences in the cradle from time to time. I'm sure the rant made you feel a little better to just get it out. However, nothing will ever change. People as self entitled assholes.
  13. It may or may not work. Free. Arrange own courier or collect. Im in Orange Grove JHB
  14. A lot of people know about the Deo for suspension forks and droppers etc but has anyone used the rest of their product line? I picked up some of the chain lube and I'm quite keen to try it out. I see they do a lot of other lubes and water displacers for example. How do these compare the Muc Off for example?
  15. Going out tomorrow afternoon around 14:00 to 16:30 and it will most likely be Red Barn or Wolwespruit. Wolwespruit will be the normal getting lost a lot and then ending up at the flow line to session the jumps a couple of times. Average around 12km/h. This place has hectic climbs for me. 😛 Red Barn will be a 30km that includes a lot a of the #1 trail but no black diamond or parts of the trail where things have gotten bad due to lack of maintenance. Just some good fast flow. Average around 14 to 15km/h depending on if we session a couple of spots.
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