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  1. I did my “pin-ectomy” in December last year and no ill has befallen me. I’d like to think I put down a lot of power with sprints and quick steep climbs. Luck? Maybe
  2. I know. I do strange things to my bike.
  3. No such thing exists. I recycled a pin before with no issues. Best to patch in a quicklink.
  4. If you don’t come right you can let me know. I have short piece of XTR 12spd chain i can donate if you want to patch it in with a quick link. Im a bit far from you though. Centurion
  5. The R100k low ball was the nail in the coffin for me. "farkoff" would have been my response to be honest.
  6. This transaction should have ended at "norrafok"
  7. As long as you include the cliché "a life behind bars" design.
  8. Pass. Give me a good old fashioned shifter then. While I do keep my hand centered on my grips I don't think gripshift will work for me again. Dropped it back in the day for a reason.
  9. How are they with jumping and spirited riding? Back in the day you would need to move the shifter all the way to the left of your grip to prevent accidental shifts when pulling back on the bars to get the front up.
  10. My bike is a custom build. I had a shop quote me on the replacement value based on the sum of the parts and insured it for that.
  11. Keeping mine safely in the house behind locks and chains. Centurion is a bit of a false sense of security.
  12. Up the road from me. What did the owner say?
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