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  1. Do you think they know that nobody is forcing them to buy it?
  2. Did exactly that last night on the 4th tyre I fitted.... I made the neighbours blush with my choice of language.
  3. Did he send you a copy of his ID or works on an oil rig? Wants to send a courier to collect etc. Whatever you do don't release the goods unless money is cleared in your account.
  4. Not to be that guy but.... I'll stick to my Hope Tech 3 V4s. - 10 years old and not a single issue. - Bled them once in 10 years because I figured it was time. - Stops with excellent modulation and power. - Never felt like they faded on me. - Looks amazing with the machined surfaces
  5. Anyone up in Centurion that also rides solo most of the time and looking for a friend to ride with? I mostly ride out to Harties and back via satellite road and through the cradle. Nothing fancy in the garage and I’m not a speed demon with an insta360 on the tail.
  6. Read the t’s & c’s before shipping secondhand goods with Courier Guy and paying for insurance. You are throwing away money.
  7. All I know is it should click. Never owner a Rockshox fork that didn’t click.
  8. Ah FFS man. This one hit really hard. 😭 Rest in peace my friend. We had many a good conversation in all the years I’ve known you. Keep the rubber rolling wherever you find yourself.
  9. Anything without a velcro strap. They wear out so quickly with dust etc on rides. I prefer POC and ION. Leatt is good but the cut can be weird on some styles. I used Fox a lot in the past and love the brand but the velcro is an issue. Specialized make great gloves but pricey.
  10. Spent over R2000 on a fit with a well recommended fitter. The stem length changed 10mm and the saddle was raised 5mm. Made no difference to the comfort of the bike and didn't resolve the pain issues I had. I was also promised a copy of all the adjustments and my measurements. Multiple followups and nothing. I ended up adjusting everything myself and the bike fits like a glove. University of YouTube for me before I trust another snake oil salesman.
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