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  1. Al starting 06.55. Pink top with a goat on the back
  2. Just found out I have 3 or 4 of my group riding so I'll have wheels to suck and they're all thirsty too so --- sorted. A nice mamil mooch coming up - no more of this rupturing some or other internal organ in vain hope to hold wheels
  3. Please make sure there's enough space in your jersey pockets for my tow rope
  4. Whenever this happens I just feel nauseous myself - imagine hoesing all that dough and then spending it in a portaloo with your intestines draped around your ankles
  5. Thing is - at 30kmph that's 5 and a little hours - it's a long time to be thirsty. Even if I 4 bottles to make it 3.6 liters, I'd still be a liter short. Of course one could carry a camelbak and be one of the cool kids but I don't have the street cred to get away with that. And all of this on the off chance that after hels I'm not looking around for other stragglers who are just as likely to stop .... But if one of you lot cruises past me with his camelbak pipe dangling from lips as moist as the chick in some dated liquifruit ad, I'm going to be miffed.
  6. I'm stopping for water. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to take turns into the wind after we've filled up. I'm too old to add kidney failure to my gammy piriformis and my mamil aged spread. Hell I might even stop to take a photo halfway up the pass. Peleton schmeleton.
  7. Just wish they'd lose the stock music on the highlight packages.
  8. Quite apart from the smug one up "I'm so clever" delivery style his point seems to be to blame the victims. A car is one of the most dangerous things on and for the planet.
  9. My orthopaedic surgeon says his kids go to the best schools and get overseas holidays because of us. More lucrative than motorbikes and rugby put together.
  10. Ha ha ja... The phrase always make me smile... As if normal was a desirable state of things in the first place. We won't ever win that's for sure. Imagine being in the tankwa and getting pissed off with bicycles.
  11. I've been thinking about this damn sub 3 bee I've had in my bonnet and I just want to formally register that I think it's appalling that not one of the other 1d muppets who dropped me on Edinburgh managed to get it done. Honestly the way they scorched it up the on ramp and then smashed it up to hospital bend you'd swear they were aiming for 2.45 but to make me do 135 percent ftp for far longer than is healthy for a mamil, drop me, and then NOT manage a sub 3. WTF It's poor form and bad manners. We all wanted sub 3. We should have had a quiet word while waiting and agreed on a better pacing strategy.
  12. Do we need a way to measure the total movement of the suspension when it's open versus total movement of the suspension over a climb when it's closed and if there's a difference between those then ask "Where does the energy to move the suspension when open come from if not from the power output of the rider?"
  13. True that. And then when you draw breath to give a detailed exposition or to say that actually it's all about the tbv or whatever else they say "did you finish" cos for most people riding 100km is an inconceivable thing!
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