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  1. Offence looks like it's yours..... Narrow road, cyclists riding .... Roll down the window, relax, take in the scenery, wait the 39 seconds until the road widens, indicate, checkmthat it's safe overtake... That's your responsibility in the situation.
  2. How long were you held up? A minute? 3 perhaps? Shame.
  3. I have had problems with the little rubber gasket onntje Garmin HRM. Currently have wahoo tickr but have had the studs come loose on the strap. Currently using tickr with a Forza strap which seems a winning combo.
  4. Oh god @Daleso sorry to hear this. Appalling what's happening. Every prayer and strong wish for full recovery. So glad all the essential bits are intact.
  5. Yr suggests an ark may be a better mode of transport than a bike. Biblical levels of rain predicted.
  6. I love the idea of 5 days of racing - view it as good prep for the grit in April. I think it limits numbers though cos not everyone is self-employed and willing to take time off - as it is I will be working in the afternoons after the stages. I have wondered about the fire - haven't heard anything from organisers about it - rain forecast for Monday so ...
  7. Doesn't bode well for the race. Be interested to see how big/small the open group is.
  8. That is fantastic news - really well done!! Thank you
  9. Is no-one riding this year? Starts Monday.
  10. I also did that and enjoyed the riders of all shapes and sizes and ages on a range as varied as the people looked like they were having a blast - I think there's a market for it. Most non- or very beginner riders think 109km is extremely far and the shorter distance feels like a more do-able challenge for them. I also enjoyed riding into CT down the M3 - not something a person gets to do often.
  11. I was well behind your crash, tailgunning the C group and rode through the carnage it left - it might have been you that attracted my sympathetic gaze lying on the left of the yellow in the hunched posture that suggests collarbone - hope it heals up well and you're back in the saddle soon. I share your impressions of the intermediate groups where we race, as well as your experience of building the fitness to stick with these bunches. The number of times I see people crossing wheels, fiddling with bike computers, filling gaps that only the pros should be filling .... It's super exciting riding fast in the group but the risks are real!!!
  12. Only cos there's a speed limit on chappies
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