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  1. Can't stand news 24. Their habit of putting cheesy suspenseful stock music over cctv footage of crime incidents, their unctuous hand wringing moralising over gender issues, their lazy aggregation of their own articles producing algorithm driven headlines like today's "best of the weekend: de Ruyter gets death threats"....
  2. @Thor Buttox... at the risk of discussing a current affair - don't you mean the dark now that we in winter load shedding again.
  3. I have also had inconsistent sizing issues with ciovita. I also rode with the bib and realised after half an hour how uncomfortable I was in my new bib. Careful scrutiny after ride showed that they were shorter than my existing pair or XL bibs and tighter in the crotch. Didn't bother taking back because I anticipated the "you've worn it so". I only use this smaller bib for short rides indoors now. More cautious to buy bibs there again although I love the three tops I bought.
  4. One of these http://summitbikes.co.za/index.php?id_product=871&controller=product has allowed me to put a sunrace 11-44 granny on my checkpoint which will get me over swartberg pass in the granfondo. go tiagra.
  5. I stood in a bike shop today and watched as the proprietor served a customer - neither one wearing a mask both leaning over the counter and putting their heads together over the invoice. I stood in the deserted corner of the shop and waited my turn long ago having given up being the oke who says something about it. Instead I watch my mind having an internal conversation between competing voices. One which finds it incomprehensible, one that snorts in derision, one that wonders if either one has had their lives touched by this virus in any way apart from the lockdown, one that wants t
  6. I dare any anti vaxxer to have a conversation about their stance with my old mom who got polio as a toddler and spent years in the polio wards as a child and teenager. She'll set minds straight with stories of what that was like at the schools and in the neighbourhood as waves of polio swept through.
  7. That would a cruel irony and well suited to the tragi-comic times.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Lechatnoir who is a riding buddy old school mate and a scholar and a gentleman has a dead gen2 which uses the same cover!!! A mat
  9. My Stages Gen 3 105 power meter battery cover fell off 30km into first ride after a bike service. GPS tells me it fell off on the steep descent just before the stop street coming down off signal hill. Went back looking for the proverbial needle and found ... a circular piece of plastic off an Audi. So if you looking for that I have it. Writing on the off chance someone has one lying around in Cape Town. Annoyingly - a garmin speed sensor battery cover doesn't fit.
  10. I like this. Maybe a theological issue - our tendency to personify an entity to which we can attribute intelligence or whether the random mutations inherent in replication of genetic material iterated a quadzillion times simply stumbles upon a variation that has more fitness to its environment. I like to think it's both and we don't have to choose. Whatever the case - I believe we will be sharing the planet with the gogga for a long time to come. Our track record when it comes to sharing the planet isn't that great actually. Masks. Vaccines. Reconceptualising public spaces the most impor
  11. A mate quipped... Roadies can't ride drops Glad the rider is OK
  12. It took me about 4 weeks to get an appointment. Once I had my voucher reference I sat on the appointment making website two or three times a day until it offered me an appointment in my city. I think that's the trick as a self employed HCW - sit on the website and keep checking.
  13. Wow. I had a headache and general fatigue and a day of feeling not 100 percent. Also a bit of a sore arm where I got the shot. Immensely pleased to have been given the opportunity to be part of the sisonke trial.
  14. Garmin sniffed and declared last weekends 195km ride unproductive. Cuts deep
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