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  1. OK, so now what to do? I am doing th esani2c.... Should I get one Conti Speed king ( or mountain king ) for the back, or perhaps a Kenda Nevegal or just replace my Crossmark HEEEEELP!!!!!!!
  2. I am running Normal, not sure how many Km on them, I have had it for about three weeks, I think I have done in the region of about 350km - might be slightly more ....
  3. Ok hello mullets, I tried these (MAXXIS Crossmarks) , and I must admit I enjoyed them a lot till I took them to Braamfontein Spruit the past weekend, now I have a cutt and I am thinking that my Sani2C is at risk should I use the crossmark..they look a bit dodgy...too thin? anyone out there with a similar problem on the crossmark?
  4. How does it compare to the Giant Anthem Range?
  5. Mr Hammer... what is a long ride???... to me it is anything from 70 km to 100...I MTB.., and I are a 1972 model...( with all original parts..so they are blerrie old) I did the fast one a few weeks back..and returned...204km that day on my MTB with knobblies. I did the GU every 45 minutes-thing with energy bars in between + Blue powerade.. it worked well for me
  6. Mr B, thanks for the good reply...I have forgotten about game, and will try the VO2 Max... HALLs seem quite good, we did a 70 km MTB training ride the past weekend and it worked well. Two weeks to go and we are ending off our training for Sani2C. I hope you have a better year than last... G'day, Mullet
  7. how about his for size? Try specialized...they sell Meridas ... just with another paint-job ( and call it Specialised) -gotta love Capitalism....(Sell less for more ...)
  8. Hello fellow mullets... ok, so a friend and I are testing various options of drinks, we start comparing powerade to energade...and then discover HALLS juice mix contains more than double anything the first two could give...for about half the price...are we all just sucked into this game of overspending in this -already-over-expensive sport? Am I missing the point ...?
  9. so Marsh-mello, I still fail to see why I need to pay lic fee - I pay the entry-fee for the race ( I thought the prize money comes from that, along with the main sponsor, like Nedbank or what whoever) I say let the top 100 pay license fees and leave the rest alone, we paid our bucks, we want to ride...and are the majority group.( we A tha people.. eish) I only see the need if I want to compete at a professional level....taht's all. And perhaps if my children want to compete as part of their preference in sport one day.
  10. Ok, so for Wet, Kendal Nevagal still best then? mullet2008-01-03 05:13:12
  11. Any Opinion on the Maxxis Cross Mark ????
  12. GT Avalanche Expert/Pro ... try Westdene, speak to Steward.... The Gt is... well, that frame is excellent!!!
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