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  1. Paste the link to the profile please, I'm battling to find it!
  2. There is also a little gadget called a "Dog Fang" that clamps onto the seat tube.(was about R60-00 from Bruce Reyneke in Lynnwood Rd) I run a compact and had the same problem with sudden shifts. The Dog Fang prevents the chain from overshooting the small chainring...
  3. Yup... cant wait even though it's going to be a looooong day for me
  4. According to today's Sowetan' date=' that was the plan?but then that paper was quoting an Andrew McKlein. Never heard of him.[/quote'] He "Might" be klein... but man is he fast!!!
  5. All my Spectrum results 100% or within a few seconds compared to my own "super accurate" Cat-Eye, Polar or whatever I've been using... do I smell sour grapes here?
  6. 1991 yes, those were the days, I did a 3:11 on an all steel ZINI with then state of the art 105 gruppo. I was a 40year old laatie still...
  7. That's why I settled for a Force GXP crank, Ultgra shifters and deraileurs and Tektro R750 carbon brake callipers.... mix match and see what works for you... so I wont tell you about the Campy titanium seatpost etc etc :-)
  8. Tjokkits, being a girl you should know we prefer close-up shots Looks nice from a-far for sure...
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