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  1. It might also need a firmware update. It works well with my Tacx software.
  2. Dr Laubscher at Rosebank Clinic. He does all the Bok players and also fixed my shoulder after another guy stuffed it up. www.shoulder.co.za
  3. I ride a MTB with Boost Hub (148). What are my options for indoor trainers? 1. Which trainers can accommodate Boost Spacing ? 2. Anyway I can convert a road wheel so that it can work on the MTB and on a trainer?
  4. Depending how serious you race. If you race hard - the wheels. If you ride for pleasure - Di2. Di2 is like a dishwasher, you always think you don't need one. Then you get one and wonder how you ever coped without it.
  5. The CLX 40's are a much older design than the 32's, 50,s and 64's. The last 3 had been completely redesigned. They are wider and now also tubeless ready. I agree the 40's were not the greatest. I am rolling a set of 64's and they are great. My next buy is a set of 32's.Just a pity Spez SA don't have the tubeless tires.
  6. Winning time yesterday was 4:25. I can only remember 1 stage when I rode when cut off was extended. The rule of thumb then was the winning time x 2. If the published winning time was longer the published time applied.
  7. What do one drink before the race starts? How long before?
  8. I use power meters on all my bikes, including my mountain bike. My training is planned around power so all sessions have got power. The data is very useful as it not only guides my efforts but I always know what my fitness and form are like. To answer your question. Stages is the most available power meter and I have been very happy with mine. If you are prepared to pay a bit more and ride Sram, a Quarq is also a great option.
  9. I love the 27.5 plus bikes. In December I got rid of my Spez Epic SWORKS and got a Ellsworth Epiphany Convert. The bike comes standard with 27.5 plus wheels and can also be ridden with 29 er wheels. It uses boost hubs. My immidiate thought was to get 29 er wheels, but I decided to give the plus wheels a chance. What a revelation. I am faster on almost anything I ride with the exception of tar and dirt roads. The wheels are DT Swiss with 40mm internal width, I do think that they make a huge difference. The bike comes with Fox front (130mm) and back (120mm). Ellsworth suspension is legend. But the best thing is that I enjoy riding my bike even more than ever. I have more confidence, more speed and more fun. Sure I will get the 29 er wheels eventually for races like J2C, but most days I will ride my US wheels.
  10. 100% I have done this on my Epic with XTR. A lot of work but definitely worthwhile.
  11. I used to have a iPad and a Ant+ Cycleops trainer. I now have a Samsung tablet. I definitely have a lot less issues with the Samsung. It has got its own Ant+ so no dongle and no interference from my power meter.
  12. I went to Dr Weinberg's partner Dr Hanhle. Mine was a prolapsed disc in my back. Pretty much the same experience as you. Went in the next day, a Wednesday, had a operation to insert an artificial disc and walked out of hospital the Friday. I know Dr Weinberg is absolutely brilliant. What would I have done different? I would have had it done much earlier, I lived with unbearable pain for 2 years. I must be 10 years post-op and can say that my back has not bothered me again. I have done Comrades, IronMan and a few Epics.
  13. Add to the list the Ellsworth Epiphany Convert.
  14. I compare it to cheating spouses. Not everyone agrees with the cheater. Does all his friends suddenly leave him alone? Some do so don't. Does his spouse forgive him? Some do some don't. Personally I think cheating on your spouse is much worse. You should not be allowed to have any relationship again. I think you should wear a 'I am a cheating knob' sign around your neck. But it is not for me to decide. At least cycling have got rules.
  15. You are right. It is possible to cut the manager and director for a two man team. If you have a half intelligent rider they can manage the admin side of it. If a company is serious about getting some exposure out of it they can have their own marketing team assist the riders. I have seen this work well. This holds true for a mountain bike team. On the road you need quite a few more riders to make an impact. I would say 5-6 if you want to be a serious player. In that case you will need a manager/director. In my opinion it can be the same person.
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