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  1. My lack of skills (and practice) showed me up on every downhill. A race to keep everyone honest.
  2. First "race" since 2013. Gonna be erm, interesting
  3. The phone owners wife called me. Will re-unite him with his Crackberry in the morning.
  4. Nice to meet you crasher. The phone is locked with a password so the rightful owner will have to unlock it. Will take it to MTN tommorrow and see if they can make him/her take it back ;-)
  5. I found a Blackberry Curve at the roadworks going up to the Sasol garage on Hendrik Potgieter this morning. If you know who it belongs to let me know
  6. Lance never lied and the title of his new book will prove it. Soon to be released ...... "SEE, I TOLD YOU IT WASN'T ABOUT THE BIKE"
  7. Not the same incident. This one was a drag racing accident. 2nd car fled the scene.
  8. Is that Wayne Collin from KZN. Isn't he a cycling coach?
  9. Seems like you have no idea how cool this race is. And there's lots of milk, just saying ;-)
  10. Lots of people in my group training for World Long Distance Champs in Spain, 70.3 Worlds in Vegas, Challenge Roth, Challenge Barcellona, Kona, etc.
  11. Not true. I'm an agregrouper and have been tested.
  12. You can go for a Total Immersion course. PM me for the girl's details. Swim Smooth is very cool. Wish I could swim properly, I'm thankful IM is all about the run!
  13. mrmed


    What an amazing experience. Totally, totally awesome. I can't begin to put in words how great this race was. Superb route, fantastic organisation and awesome people. I've done Epic, a couple of Ironman and 70.3 events, Comrades, etc, but nothing comes close to the experience I've had this last week. This race should be a must do on everyones calender. And I need to tell you, the Sani2C days aren't the best days, day 4 is a cracker! Book for 2013 now!
  14. I'll upload mine this afternoon and send them to you.
  15. mrmed

    2012 Ironman

    He normally rides with his son on the front, but I think conditions were to horrific for him to try. I saw him running whilst pushing his son, later in the evening,
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