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  1. Bit of a thread hijack, but rattling towbars nonetheless, I always keep empty 1L milk sachet bags handy - a 12cm x 12cm square cut out of the sachet put over the ball before you hook the trailer takes away any play between the ball and the hitch - which stops that irritating noise of a trailer rattling when you brake or go over a bump.
  2. ....and that's how you know if a KDX200 will be registered on NATIS as For Road use - that's where the passenger footpegs go - so that series of VIN number will be able to be licensed.
  3. I have attached a copy of an old Natis Certificate - how it used to work (and I'm sure still does) is that official importers are linked to the NATIS system. For every bike or ATV they sell, they register the VIN and engine as well as Model Code on NATIS, and NATIS then issues this document (we used to joke and call them Birth Certificates). The new owner then took this certificate to the Licensing department and with it, he or she got the Ownership papers and put the vehicle in their name. Now in the case of most off-road, Enduro or Track bikes, the owners never needed papers, so they didn't bother to go to the Licensing department, so the NATIS system then archived that VIN number. If you are really lucky and the bike has never been registered you can apply to unarchive the NATIS and then you can register as a new bike - which is why a lot of Track Bikes from 5 years ago are 2021 models! But again, if that model code or vehicle register number has been loaded as "Non Road use" while you could get the bike legal to ride on the road, you will never be able to license it. I know it's not ideal, because you already own the KX, but if you absolutely want a 2-stroke road legal bike and are a Kawasaki fan, look for one of the Road-legal KDX200's. They have lighting coils, so you won't have to stress about riding at night, have speedometers, and also oil pumps, so you don't have to worry about pre-mix. Most important, they also have ignition and steering locks fitted so you can actually leave them parked somewhere. NATIS -01.doc
  4. I think you're going to hit a brick wall hey - I'm talking Yamaha now, but I'm pretty sure it will be the same for the others. When a model is introduced to Natis it's either flagged as For Road Use, or Not for Road Use. So regardless of what papers you eventually get, the moment you take the bike for a Roadworthy and he inputs the model code (YZ125B02 would be the YZ Natis code) it will be flagged for non-roadworthy purposes. Now I do know that KDX200's are flagged for Road use so you would be able to get one of them Roadworthy, and we also introduced a "New" model code for a YZ250 when we had to register two bikes for Jade and Louwrens to use in Europe, which was for road use, but I'm pretty sure they changed that back. This is also why if anyone here buys one of the older single cylinder carb-bikes like the KLR650, XR600, TW200, DT175, DR400 make sure they are still licensed - if they are up to date they cannot be taken off the system, but if they need to be re-introduced to NATIS, all those model codes have been flagged now for non-road use.
  5. Well the second-last update broke Bluetooth on Windows10 - the people are really bleak - myself included because I use Bluetooth and not ANT+. The Forum is full of it, but for now, nothing seems to be happening to fix it.
  6. Crazy thing is, I was running a Surge Protection plug so I can only think it was heat related. Other interesting thing was when I removed the cover to check, it was unplugged - usually you have to release a clip and unplug it. So the other theory is that it wasn't plugged in correctly from the factory and with the test it disconnected itself and most likely damaged the power supply. I then plugged it back in properly (thought I had scored there!) but the damage was already done I guess. We've had two units blow because of Eskom's erratic supply and you can see the blown component pretty easily. I checked on my board and that part was fine. Anyway, I do have it in writing now from Garmin that they recommend fitting Surge Protection plugs to the trainers, and that cutting the supply cable and fitting said plug will not void the warranty.
  7. Well the part coincidentally arrived today - ordered on the 7th September via Aramex Global shopper, the total cost delivered to my door was R3460. Not a cheap exercise, but cheaper than the R9000 I would have had to pay for a new Flux and while the TACX Flow isn't a bad trainer, it's not a Vortex Smart. And it's also R5500 for a new Flow. So I'm happy (ish). I don't think the Vortex should have blown up in the first place - it's not like I was doing anything that the Trainer wasn't designed for, so I am down R3.5k, but It could have been a lot worse!
  8. We're doing something a bit different at the Cowhouse this weekend for those of you who want to join (especially the PTA based Tri's) It's an off-road tri, but the swim is at Curro College in their pool. 7 laps of the 50m pool gives a 350m swim, T1 is at Curro, you MTB from Curro to Cowhouse and then T2 is at Cowhouse where you finish with a gravel run. It's a new idea so there will be a few glitches I'm sure, but if you want to enter - here's the link: https://www.entryninja.com/events/77052-gosport-x-triathlon-1 Also, fire away if you have any questions - I'm dipping my toe into the logistics side (my Father-In-Law runs most of the events at the Cowhouse and we came up with this idea over a few craft beers one afternoon - which is another bonus at the Cowhouse - their Craft Beer is excellent!) so I have a good idea on how it will run on the day.
  9. Andymann

    Formula 1...

    And yet just over a month ago we were singing BB33's decision to stay out when he won. As Mat Oxley said, it's a fine line between hero and idiot and yesterday it just didn't work out for Lando. Had he won, then it would have been another brave decision to race in the rain on slicks.
  10. You've got all the papers for the bike right?
  11. Andymann

    Formula 1...

    https://youtu.be/7bQMNENKZY4 Can you imagine this current lot racing back in 1985. Good think it wasn't Lewis racing the Ligier - he would be complaining about a lot more than a stiff neck - I mean the mud on his overalls would be a disaster 😉
  12. The Aluminium is just so that I can have a proper blank. We're going to cast the new ones in SG Cast Iron - just like the originals.
  13. A little project within a bigger one - the lovely cast finned exhaust nuts on the Velo have seen a few ham-fisted owners with hammers over the last 90years. They are obviously not available anymore and putting on the later model type would just have bugged me. So it was off to the 3d Printer we went, to make a duplicate. Then off to our Foundry on the other end of Jhb to cast an Aluminium blank which will be used at a pattern to cast me 4 new ones, which I will machine. Probably a bit of overkill seeing as everyone who owns one of these bikes has the later type on, but if not, why not!
  14. Took my TCR for a spin through the streets of London last night.....
  15. https://www.motul.com/za/en/products/c5-chain-paste I've been using this for the last 10 years - whether it's better or worse than the traditional Bicycle stuff I can't say. But my chains and clusters seem to be fine and the applicator (or Brush for want of a better word) works perfectly.
  16. So some info for those of you who are still using TACX Vortex Smart Wheel on Trainers - I enrolled again for this years ZWIFT academy and decided to do a ramp test just to get my FTP accurate. I don't normally use ERG mode (dead against it) but for some reason the test defaulted to ERG ON and I was halfway through when I realized so I just left it on. Long story short at the second last ramp just before 420W ERG cut out and zero resistance. Thought it was just the end of the test, but turns out my trainer had blown - I have surge protection plugs and the lights come on, but as soon as you get going for about 10mins it switches off - looks like there must be some type of Thermal Fuse built in somewhere. Guess you shouldn't use ERG with a ramp test. Sent the trainer off to Garmin - they do some tests and yes, its blown and no you cant repair it, so please pay R9000 for an upgrade to a FluxS. Not totally convinced that you can't repair the electronics, I do some research and find a small online bike shop in Belgium who sells the replacement Electronic units for about R2500. I've taken a chance and ordered one - the guy assures me that he sells hundreds of them and that they often blow - which is why he has them in stock. It should arrive in the next few weeks, so I'll keep everyone posted!
  17. I hope NextHash is not another Rich Energy type sponsor.....
  18. As luck would have it my Wife has tested positive for Corona and I will have to self-isolate. Which means I cannot do Race to the Sea. If anyone who is in the CT area would like to buy my entry please give me a shout. Thanks!
  19. All going well it will look like this when it's done....
  20. if @BogusOnewas up in Gauteng I would definitely have used him - I'm going all out with this bike so the paint has to be done properly. As it is, I'm not 100 sure who I will be sending it to Below is what it looked like when I started it
  21. I've been keeping myself a little busy too.....been working on and off on this old guy for the last 7 years or so. Decided to actually give it a proper go now.
  22. That's a nice job you have done there.
  23. I see the rumours are strong that a Z650 version is coming.... https://www.visordown.com/news/general/kawasaki-has-retrovolution-coming-could-it-be-z650rs
  24. Because of all the cancelled races this year, a few of our Athletes have been willing to try a few new things with Training. Dinamic has partnered with INSCYD https://inscyd.com/faq/ which creates a Metabolic Performance Profile of an athlete which then influences how their training program is structured. Early days, but the majority of the Athletes who did the profile (myself included) were training in completely the wrong zones for their profile. My FTP and Garmin V02 for example were way out compared to what INSCYD calculated. Like I said, still early days and I'm not 100% certain how one single cycling test can give you all that Data, but its an interesting change to how I have been training - the easy is EASY and the hard is bloody hard. But both my Wife and I who are on it are losing weight at a rapid rate and I haven't noticed any drop in power from it (yet). No goal races this year, so I'm willing to try something new.
  25. That actually looks a hell of a lot better in real life than it sounded in my head!
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