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  1. Its in very good condition, I know the oke who is selling and he hardly rode the bike!
  2. Hey everyone! Just asking some opinions here! What would be a good price to pay for a 2007 Giant TCR Advanced ISP with Dura-Ace Groupset and Dura-ace wheels?
  3. well, it LOOk likes its the Durac ace then?!??!
  4. Who can help me with some advice? Look Keo Carbon Pedals @R1001,80 or Shimano Dura ace @ R1057.35 Which one is better?
  5. See what I mean its a free for all it seems!
  6. I agree! I would give the guy R20 for watching but just coming out asking R30 before you even leave your car, no way! Might have even paid if he at least had some Identification as an official of the race organizers.
  7. Don't know about anyone else but whats the deal with the so called Gaurds at some parking at 94.7. I parked behind the Waterfall estate on the sidewalk as did many others. Then when I park some oke comes and says I must pay R30 to park ther. WHAT?!? R30 to park on the side of a public road, to someone with no identification. How do I know if they are put there by organizers or just random guy trying to make a quick buck. So I said I'll pay him when I get back, cause how would I know if he will still be there and not just take the money from a few cars and leave. So when I got back as I thought he was not there, and then some other oke come running from up the road,and he now wants money! What the heck! Its a mess. They need to give official gaurd some kind of identification! I decided not to pay anyone cause its a joke, none of them are really looking after anything, and anyway I have alarm, immobilizer and pay insurance! Not paying some guy money for nothing!
  8. Were there any big accidents on the race yesterday? Remember last year there were a few!
  9. Bring on te Mountain Bikes! Who will make it through that pothole first! lol!!
  10. Hey Thanks guys! i can see the light now! Makes sense if someones expaines it! Appretiate the help!
  11. Hi guys I need some help. I was looking at groupsets on totalcycling, I see that you have to choose between some options I don't understand. I get the cassette options, and crankset(kind of), but these I don't know?? Front Derailleur options: Braze on ; 28.6mm Clamp ; 31.8mm clamp Whats does this mean? Shifter options: 6600 Ultegra STI Levers or R700 Short Reach STI Leavers Whats the difference? Please help!
  12. I use to have MTB shoes on my road bike, but now road shoes much better.
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