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  1. bike back and looks good, replaced Chain and Cassette with Ultegra, also replaced small front chain ring, they say my big blade also worn, this I will source myself and change, I do not see how the small blade can be worn when I am hardly ever in it, hence the reason I never replaced the big. so looking at changing the big blade 53 any recommendations?
  2. This is true and makes a lot of sense. if it's not worn I won't be replacing, waiting patiently for that dreaded call.
  3. Thanks for the replies, bike is in waiting the outcome, if I change will probably change to Ultegra.
  4. I have a 53, if it is the chain ring I'll change it, think I may go the oval route see if it actually works, or a myth.
  5. That's awesome to know, will be a lot cheaper as well. may change to a 11/26 now that the years are creeping up
  6. sounds good to me, always better being prepared going to the LBS.
  7. Hi all would anyone know if I can change out my SRAM Red Cassette to something different, recently my chain has been popping off the big chain ring, so I am guessing it's due to chain wear, I have put plenty on this groupset so i'm assuming it's time to change, does it have to be the same cassette? obviously if I change cassette chain will have to change as well. Just thinking of another option, weight is not much an issue anymore. Thanks.
  8. Hi all many thanks for the feedback much appreciated, I have not bought one yet will shop around some more.
  9. Thank you currently have one which I am not happy with
  10. Thanks Mate, have been reading reviews but cannot trust them 100%, rather have first hand opinions.
  11. Hi Gents\Ladies It's been awhile... I am looking at replacing my GPS unit, no names mentioned. How would you review the Sigma in subject and what is the after sales service like? Is the battery replaceable after a few years? Thanks
  12. hi all mine was at about 8:30 - 9 am on Saturday morning.
  13. Hi guys watch this spot marked with the arrow, it's the loop that you take off Great North which takes you along Atlas Rd, Two buggers got me on Saturday, looking for cell phones and money.
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