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  1. Event Name: Gauteng #2 Provincial XCO Championships When: 1 April 2012 Where: Fountains ,Pta, Gauteng Category: MTB Round #2 of the Gauteng Provincial Championships Please note change of venue as it is now being held at fountains Pta, Start times as per XCO age Cat,s Entry Youth - grand Masters R100 Sprogs-Sub jnrs R50 Go to Event Page
  2. I use a small saddle bag it has the following: 2x bombs 1x bomb head 1x quick link 2x tyre levers plugs patches glue boot gater Spare tube is taped to back of seat post under bag All i put in my shirt is gu etc, phone 2 reasons i also do not like carrying things on my back for short rides and i know that if i get on my bike i know every thing i need is on the bike.
  3. Thanks for the offer Rex, mike used it to move to varsity so after the epic will be fine. will chat later. Should have listerned to your wife and just done my Sani training i kaked off!!!!!
  4. Hello, I have a trailer down in Cape Town that i need to bring back up to Jhb it is a 6 foot with a 4 bike carrier on top Any offers to tow it for me? Thks Terence
  5. Hello, Please see start times and number of laps Provincial Start times.pdf
  6. Have a look in the Events section i have put up the details there rgds
  7. Event Name: Olympic Footwear Gauteng Cross Country Provincial Series #1 When: 4 March 2012 Where: Thaba trails, Klipriver Drive, Mulbarton,, Gauteng Category: MTB The first round of the Gauteng XCO series will be held the 4th March 2012 and will be at Thaba trails. Sprogs/nippers/Sub jnr/sports classes start at 08.30 Reg closes at 07.30, Entry R50 Ladies Classes start at 09.30, Reg closes at 08.30, Entry R100 Master men/vet/sub-vet start at 10.30 reg closes at 09.30,Entry R100 Elite men/U23/Jnr/youth start at 11.45 reg closes at 10.30, Entry R100 For more information contact Terence casey 072 224 3536 Wendall bole 082 900 0749 Go to Event Page
  8. What it came down to for me was that for my money i built a bike with what i wanted on it and not then have to change anything after paying R50k + I also looked at the cannondale 29r, but for R55k you would have to change things as it came with a jelly tot mix of components!!!! Look around and make very good friends with you LBS. my build R45k for R60K bike bottom line build what you want, as you are going to have to live with it for a long time?
  9. Hijack I was looking at a new 29r for this year choices were: trek Superfly 100,Scott Spark,Tall Boy,Niner jet 9 RDO Trek was full XT but the cost difference between al vs Carbon was to much Scott, tried one and did not like the way the fork and shock lock out together, also did not feel right. HT was great though So down to the tall boy vs the Niner. If you read up on the over seas sites these are the two bikes worth going for both are very highly regarded. In the end i went for a tang niner and it rides like a dream, looks great and handles very well in the tight stuff, it also climbs well. my build cost was a lot less(R15,000) than both the trek or Scott and i got a bike with whati want on it not some account in an office somewhere!!!! On the fork difference i have seen that in the US they go for the 120mm fox Talas so it can also be used in 100mm. Wish i had known before going 100mm fox. I also went for full XT, the system is bullet proof and i need to lose 10 Kgs before spending lots of money on XTR/XX which does the same thing for minium weight loss My 2 cents or 15K
  10. Hi, I have a helmet and 2 cycling computors that were handed in at the race today. If you have lost any of the above and can describe them to me i will make sure that they get back to you terence
  11. Hi, I am also in the process of going through setting up my fork and shock. i have a Fox RLC 100mm fork, Question before measuring the sag were should the slow compression knob be? and what setting for the Rebound? these will affect the amount of sag??? Shock is a Fox RP23, same question in what position should the lever be in ? off with compression on "0" and which way for the rebound, fast or slow? this will also affect the sag Can not find answers to these anywere on the web????
  12. Hi, Phone Raeleen At CGC as she has a list of contacts in Soweto 011 4659635
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