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  1. he team heading for Korea comprise Team CSC/Marcello's Chris Willemse Jnr, Jeremy Maartens and Abdelbasset Hannachi, David George and MTN/Microsoft's Daniel Spence and Jonathan Kinnear. Can anyone clear this for me: Is this a South African Team... which will wear SA colors or is it a csc team? I mean half the squad is csc and if it is a SA team, how did it come about that Hannachi is in the team? I understand he is Egyptian/Algerian? If its a csc funded team then thumbs up!!! if not
  2. $uck, $uck!!! why can't these idiots admit that they got caught and leave the sport with the millions they've sucked out already?
  3. Hunter has a point here, really!! http://www.bicycling.co.za/static/exclusives/index.php?id=2506
  4. Cox said it was a matter of miscommunication between him and the team. How can the manager burst on the public domain so prematurely? and even saying Cox is being childish. carrier wise, this is not going to be good for Cox's name. If it was a matter of miscommunication, Corti should apologize on the team website to clear Ryan's name.
  5. 20 Cent


    Desprinter- atleast those three finished in the top ten in one of the toughest categories and from what I saw, they finished ahead of the chasing bunch. Wonder how you did.
  6. smileys/smiley32.gif" align="middle" /> Know what they say... a fat ego comes standard in a sprinter. And you are... big mouth!!!
  7. Good, cant you do your own thing? go train!!!!!
  8. No such thing as a funrider, go hasg yourself, we all riding bikes because we like it. Idiot
  9. Anyone knows how the RR top 3 will look for u23/elites??
  10. 20 Cent


    Well if you think that you better than these guys, good. and ya just like you said, don't take it personal. So if you gonna go out there and try to beat these guys day in and day out, I fill for you. Know what they say, "Don't hate the player, player, hate the system" If anyone asks, I was never here!!!!!!
  11. John Lee FOR PRESIDENT.
  12. 20 Cent


    Guess the is a reason why me and you don't make these decisions, Lets hop hope the selectors know what they are doing and yep, time will tell. Still don't buy that List of yours!!! See you in Mars. Being Broke is not part of my religion-20Cent
  13. 20 Cent


    Ok its obvious you not going to come with that non-existence list of your, "make sure got bullets before you point a gun" Remember, cycling is still in its growth phase in SA, unlike other countries, we are looking and building the future and making sure that development takes place in the process.
  14. 20 Cent


    Clueless? thought so. ZippIt help out. Is it hard to notice that all those boys are under23 except for Minaar? they are there so they can be groomed for the future and improved, Minaar is surely there to assist them. And why would you compare an under23 with a 25-30 year old? do you have that list or not?
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