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  1. Hi guys, I moved to CT last week and have been training at Tokai in the mornings on my own. After reading this it makes me want to urgently find a group who ride before work (5-7). I'm training for the Epic next year so it would be great to meet up with a group and learn some new routes. Anyone looking for a training partner?
  2. Slightly worrying, i ride past there every day. I rode home at about 1pm on Saturday past Cloetesville.
  3. A huge thanks to Charl du Plessis for giving me a bomb, tube and tyre leavers. Next time i'll be better prepared. Please Charl if you read this, pm me your details.
  4. Also did the race. Was a tough route!
  5. Get a full suspension. If you are aiming to finish mid-pack, the top end hard tail will not be beneficial to you in my opinion. I have done two Epic's and both times i have been so thankful for having a dual-suss 29er. I have had a hardtail 29er as well but it is definitely a much harsher ride. So in short, go for comfort for a stage race like the Epic.
  6. It has been pouring with rain for the last hour.. Tomorrow could be interesting!
  7. He broke his leg in two places.. Ouch!
  8. I'm in. Riding with my dad as my partner
  9. My derailer decided to snap off my bike without warning after 13km. It was a long, cold walk back to the car park
  10. Does anybody know of any races over the Easter weekend? (22 - 25 April)
  11. Went from T to C in my first year of cycling
  12. I did double century and 94.7 in November last year, did the argus, doing the Epic next week. Need a triathlon or bmx race.. Anyone got a bmx for me?
  13. The Anthem X 29er is great. I've been riding one since December last year. Rock solid bike and not too heavy either. Also one of the most comfortable bikes around.
  14. Get the Racing Ralph with snakeskin sidewall. I'm using them for the Epic.
  15. Try Flandria Cycles in Stellenbosch. I just bought a set of Racing Ralphs for my 29er there yesterday.
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