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  1. Just received this promo mail. Looks like some fun. Both routes are challenging and fun (a bit of a sketchy finish though) Thoughts? http://www.redcherryadventures.co.za/events/bay2beach/
  2. Great event once again! Started and finished as a team of 12, with many getting their first medal in the process. Thanks to all involved and see you next year for number 5!
  3. Nev - if you have no takers, lets just talk about them wheels haha
  4. Im in Pinelands, but its a 5km to the common.... when you say 50km, how long do you hope it takes? im thinking a 2hr ride at most? will PM
  5. Hey. I would be interested... What time in the morning and distance/time you want to cycle for?
  6. Fabes has it spot on Avoid The BP Group on a Wednesday, especially the front -- Fabes and I learnt our lesson there last year
  7. Morning Looking for people to have a morning group ride with in the Rondebosch/Claremont area, twice a week, average 28 - 32km/h (route dependant) If anyone knows of any current bunches that cycle or would like to start one, pleas let me know, thanks
  8. Sigh - The life of a student, if I had a job to save up money I would do the same haha
  9. im buying the scott aspect 30, mind has been made up! goodluck Gareth 1982
  10. just saw the giant talon 3 for R5000 decisions decisions Scott, Merida, Giant, Schwinn ?????????
  11. The Avalanche that I was looking at are ATX 375 and ATX 575 (R2900 and R4600) then THe Giant was the entry level same specs as the ATX 575 (R4700) the Merida is the TFS 100 d (R4200) Titan was the Spark or start or some thing like that but it was exactly the same as the Avolanche ATX375.(R3000) Where can you buy the merida for R4200?
  12. Haha yeah let them sponsor us the epic (only 30k) and the sani2c surely not too much to ask haha
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