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  1. I have been blown away by the Alu Slakline...Absolute dream bike! Full custom Decal job with Howick trail network ghosted into the print.... https://www.facebook.com/BallisticBikeArmour Actually did a build video! Check it:
  2. Thanks everyone for the input... general consencus is that it is a Knock-Off or Chinarello (which I love by the way).... Just doing my part as a fellow cyclist though!
  3. Yeah, they were busy moving stuff around the store so it was a bit messy and this was in a corner.
  4. Unfortunately I am mountainbike scum so I know very little about road bikes.... So it could be... But someone could also have tried to swap components to try and prevent the bike from being identified?
  5. While I was in Cash Converters in City View Centre Durban I noticed a diamond in the rough.... A candy red Pinarello Dogma. It was priced quite high... not the usual couple of grand they put on bike.... and I don't want to say how much as I don't want people to take a chance and snap it up if it is a dodgy deal.... And just so you know, if you do try snap it up and it does turn out to be stolen... paper trails can't be erased and the property WILL be taken from you with no remuneration... It is not my place to say it is stolen or not, but this calibre of bike in such a commercial store in a somewhat sub standard part of town is questionable to say the least. So if you know of anyone that has had one stolen, or have any other info then take it on....
  6. One of my family members is looking to sell their Steven Road Bike. He asked me to let him know how much he thinks is fair for it... I know nothing about Road bikes as I am MTB Scum. Here is what I Know 2008 model, Stevens Aspin Alu Sram Rival, Mavic Aksium Race Wheels, used in 4 races only. Pics below Any ideas on a fair price would be appreciated.
  7. UPDATE: It is now tuesday and I have still had no emails from Yeti since last Monday.... It just seems to get worse
  8. Jared, this is the first apology I have received from either Yeti or iCycle, and ...... But....I have been waiting for almost a month for the new part to be airfreighted... airfreighting doesnt take this long, a few days max. My part should be made a priority, but it hasnt been. My emails to Colin and the emails from iCycle to Colin have also gone unanswered since last Monday... That is 7 days.... This is unacceptable. Also, the initial contact I had with Yeti locally was actually with you Jared, I have 2 emails from you from early Feb, then nothing..... Also I specified that my bike was a 2012 SB66, so there should not have been any confusion regarding the spares.
  9. EDIT.... After posting this up here on the Hub, Jared (From Yeti) got hold of me and offered an SB5C to use until my parts arrived. I was able to collect the bike that week and 2 weeks later my parts arrived. I would like to thank Jared for getting involved and sorting it all out for me. ___________ I purchased a secondhand 2012 Yeti SB66 at the end of 2014. I currently have been without a bike since January (4 months!!!!) thanks to a crack that developed in the rear swingarm as well as a huge crack in the rocker link. This seems to be a problem with everyone that I have come across with an SB66... Initially my insurance company (iCycle) were extremely slow off the mark in dealing with my claim. My emails went unanswered for days and my broken bike sat with the appraiser for a month before a call was made on replacing the frame or just the swingarm and rocker link - That call should have taken a day. I also tried to contact the local Yeti Dealers right after my bike broke, they answered 2 of my mails then completely ignored all my follow up emails for 3 months!!!!! Then blamed it on moving stores, which is no excuse, it takes one minute to reply to an email from any Smartphone. Eventually iCycle got hold of the local dealers and my spares were ordered. The local Yeti dealers (Morningside Cycles) finally got me the parts last week (3months later) only to send the incorrect rocker link....!!!!! They somehow didn't know that the link for a 2012 SB66 is different from the one they sent.... So now 2 weeks after recieving the incorrect link I am still waiting a response on the arrival of my new link - I haven't even got confirmation that it had been airfreighted yet. The last email I got from Yeti was Monday (18 May), saying they will let me know when they have contacted Yeti International - It is now Friday, that's four days without a reply.... I didnt want to have to resort to posting this onto the internet - but I have been left with no option. iCycle and mainly Yeti Cycles South Africa, you guys have really done some major damage to your reputations with the way I have been treated.
  10. Oh Nige...... What a Beautiful Beast!!!
  11. Thanks Nige! Jay from Leighs helped me out - sorted
  12. Can anyone inform me as to where i can get replacement spokes and nipples for an Easton haven Wheelset. The spokes are 268mm Straight-pull spokes. Not sure if the spokes and nipples used are common or exclusive to Havens. Not one bike shop I have contacted so far has been able to help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Nikolais

    Team Rumors

    I also think Hart to Mondraker... And I reckon Needles to Scott.
  14. Here is my AM/Enduro/DH Machine...... Sold my Reign and Fury to fund 'THE-ONE-BIKE'.... I am going to spend the entire 2015 season racing DH and Enduro on this Bad Boy.... The only changes I will make when racing DH is slapping on a stronger Wheelset.... Cables have been shortened and the Dropper replaced with a newer model.
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