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  1. Prevention is better than cure. To prevent cramping, train more intelligently, more distance and some increase in intensity every few days. Stretching should be included in any training program and will go a far way in assisting in the prevention of cramps. I disagree with the advice of training at race intensity. This may be beneficial in stopping cramps, however from a performance point of view, it is hardly ideal as any training program should follow a scientifically based periodised system. All the factors of the individual should be taken into account.
  2. one theory is that cramps are caused by tetanus which is a constant firing of the muscles from a nerve stimulus. As a result, the best prevention and "cure" is stretching the afflicted muscle
  3. Game is the only thing you need. The article that Mrmed posted is spot on. You want something that will hydrate and provide a little bit of energy, and Game is it. It's isotonic if mixed in the right method. Pretty high in sugar (which is what you want due to the fact that it is the energy source of choice behind fats). If in doubt, read the back of the tubs. USN, Cytomax etc fall under homeopathic medicines and as a result is unregulated by any scientific authority
  4. Dieticians cost a bit for a reason. They know what they are doing and will give you a good individualised plan. Don't follow a generic outline that many websites and magazines will line-out. Weight that is lost quickly is never ideal either. Do it the proper way. And in all honesty, just run as this will help the body with adaptation to the stress of the exercise boeing2009-11-03 12:25:01
  5. Somewhat ironic it's white. With all the bad press this guy gets, Im suprised the sponsors stick with him
  6. Im a little confused as to why Nickelback are amongst all of those amazing songs
  7. All of the "Rise Against" but particularly "Savior"
  8. Why does it matter? They are all made by the same group of kids in a factory in Asia
  9. They did the same thing at my lbs probably about a year ago. There just was no excuse of a recession. If I rmember correctly, it was due to the fact that he wasn't prepared to fork out at least 30 000 a month for specialized. Im not sure exactly what it was, but it sounds similar
  10. I agree with Santa C, but make sure that said biokineticist or Exercise Scientist is independent. Unfortunately the industry can be slightly skewed and perverse
  11. Creatine is an energy source and in not invilved in an anabolic pathway. As long as you are getting plenty of rest and eating correctly, your body will be in a state of anabolism. Unless for a medical reason, there should be no need to supplement your diet if you are eating correctly. A point of interest is that the supplement and vitamin industry in the country is largely unregulated. Do you really want to ingest something that you have no idea of what it contains. The best way to improve your muscle mass is weight training. However, many cardio exerises can improve your upper body muscle mass as well as strength. Boxing is a good example, as is climbing and swimming.
  12. First things first. Creatine in no way increases muscle mass. Whoever believes that should be executed
  13. Go for the creatine if you want to damage your kidneys. Chance are you have the upper limit of creatine present in your body already. Whatever you take in is just going to get filtered through the kidneys giving you expensive urine. The beauty about the creatine scenario is that because it is a relatively new SUPPLEMENT, no-one knows what the long-term effects of taking it will be. The best place to start is to have a thorough assessment performed and a program written up that you should follow. There is no need to reach for the drug tubs from your local pharmacy. Plyometrics will help you strengthen without slowing down.
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