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  1. If you could possibly still find them anywhere, the S5 Uno bibs are just the "work horse" of the Assos S5 range & fit excellently. Note - it's VERY important to make sure you wash your bib shorts directly after a ride, I tend too keep a bucket with a little Omo in my shower & throw my Assos bibs directly in there, hand wash & hang to dry on a drying rack. And so far most have lasted more then 6yrs !!
  2. BEst wheel builder in CT....Rolf at Woodstock Cycleworks https://woodstockcycleworks.com
  3. I'm in Tableview & a keen roadie.......average 25km/h
  4. Noted........and how many "experienced" people are employed by Bezos & Branson's companies ?
  5. I agree Cycle4Life, maybe Christiaan from BuyCycle should tell us how long he's been involved in the actual cycling industry & if he's ever run or owned a "brick & mortar" (LBS) store ? I find it laughable that he's here giving all this "advice", when there's NO cyclists (people with previous LBS experience) working at BuyCycle at the moment......or correct me if I'm wrong, Christiaan.
  6. EISH...what has "disgruntled employee" got too do with the way BuyCycle communicates with clients via BikeHub.......seems very immature reply. Look at the facts of the case & not the messenger(s).
  7. Interesting that the "manager" (Christiaan van Zyl), is quick to comment on any other Wahoo or BuyCyle related Forums, but now is VERY quite.............???
  8. Looks like BuyCycle has already loaded their Black Friday specials........hope they actually have stock.....lol ! https://www.buycycle.co.za/black-friday/
  9. They seem to have "joined forces" with Bruce Reyneke Cycles in Pretoria. Which should give them actual stock & bikes to sell.
  10. I own 1 of the 1st 2005 Santa Cruz Chameleon frames to be imported into SA, back when Santa Cruz was just a town in the US....hahaha! It originally came out with a 80mm Fox Terralogic fork, which I still have on the frame. And v-brakes. Have upgraded to discs & XT wheel set. Very happy with my 26er !! #santacruz #cameleon
  11. Check out these CLASSIC "new" tires from Conti http://cyclefactory.co.za/shop/components/tyres/road-bike-tyres/continental-grand-prix-classic-tire-700x25c/
  12. Aren't you the guy that's on all CWC's marketing banners. You must be a serious cyclist!!
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