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  1. Yebo. New frame and some new parts with carry over from my Enduro for the rest.
  2. And if raindrops turned to jellytots...
  3. Very nuanced comment... For us who live in Paarl though we're incredibly thankful for the explosion of new trails all around our mountain (even though the lower Spice Route trails are a bit, uhm, ja...).
  4. JohanDiv do you know what the situation is now with the Taalmonument trails? I see Petrus (MRace) has put up signage saying permits are required. I heard rumors that he has been given the job of maintaining / managing those trails (although I know it's myself and Francois etc who're still doing that). I now see that MRace is partnering with Hero as a skills and training service provider, which is great, but I am just left wondering who is actually in charge of the Taalmonument trails, including those below the road (KOffiedam XC loop and Needles into Courtrai)? It'd be great if it was actually now in their hands because frankly it's becoming a thankless job of maintaining those trails and I've all but given up.
  5. Decent weighted Kettlebell (20-24kg) 20kg Sandbag Skipping rope Pull up bar. I reckon these tools (and the enormous diversity of strength and conditioning workouts you can do with just these 4 items) complement my cycling the best. From pure strict strength and stability to HIIT / Crossfit type workouts I've seen a noticeable improvement on my downhill riding. Cycling, in my layman's view, tends to neglect upper body strength and stability and unless you attend to it through accessory work you're doomed to being a very fit Dadbod.
  6. Still reckon the Spez Kenevo makes sense to me. It's essentially an unashamed shuttle bike. Big travel, aggro geometry, basically a DH bike with it's own lift system. Even I find that hard to argue with.
  7. Gwinn also replied in the comments.
  8. https://www.vitalmtb.com/forums/The-Hub,2/World-Cup-Downhill-MTB-Race-Talk,10517?page=5
  9. So what I take out of that is that your hardtail now rides better with some suspension...
  10. Yeah I gave up on POV Youtubers when I saw a vid of three of them "collaborating" and all you heard was three guys riding together but each of them chatting to their camera / "fans". I still watch Seth because he does post-production commentary on his vids and seldom POV's and his stuff is actually unique and entertaining, and some of Singletrack Sampler's stuff is cool (van build was interesting). But just watching someone ride a trail from a POV gets tedious. Not much value being added there. All Ride is a cool concept, but the presenter's accent and scripted speech put me off. Silly I know, but those things matter when you're demanding people's attention.
  11. La Bresse was tailor made for Maes. Everyone needs to calm down about him - amazing result, but the track was basically an EWS stage. He won't top 10 at Worlds. Podium will be Minnaar, Bruni and Gwinn.
  12. I think the whole point of the Steve Smith track in Whistler is to introduce a proper WC level track to BC so that they can bid for a WC there. Makes perfect sense - they can afford it and as Duane says, the feet are already there so the crowd will be amazing. Which is why a DH world cup in Jonkers will just be silly. An EWS on the other hand...
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