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  1. Politics! Religion! Nazis! Sadly, I have to agree... Pogacar is just far too strong. So now I only have the potential of Matt Keenan to say 'and that is the Chateau de la Grosse Bite' and think 'my, that turret is amazing' because I don't speak French. ????????
  2. Yup, I'm in the same boat now that I battle to watch live cycling with the time delay, it was mostly on the other threads that I found my home. I am a relic from a time before the light.
  3. Everyone always says professional cyclists are thoroughbreds. Turns out thoroughbreds are cyclists. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/05/09/sports/horse-racing/bob-baffert-kentucky-derby-medina-spirit-drug-test.amp.html Seems all their vices are versa.
  4. Which pro from Luxembourg is called the Tractor? I remember a Panzerwagen but he was German. (And I am only asking because motor pacing is immediate firing squad in my book... ????????????)
  5. For 80%, you need a 'must try harder'. For that, call Dr Lance.
  6. Sad fact that living in a very flat part of the world my 12000km had only 10km of climbing... ???????????? I gotsta find me some hills.
  7. Even more irony... If he reads this, he has someone to blame.
  8. I think this guy is awesome. He tries something new every day. He doesn't mind failing, and practices at it until he succeeds at failing spectacularly. That is what happens when you really dedicate yourself to something and practice hard. It's the upside down world of vegan sausage and you guys will just never understand!
  9. I want to state quite plainly that at no point has my cuzzin ever gone by the moniker "Die Muishond'!! Sies, meneer. The only time he has ever used that phrase was when he was clubbing a baby weasel to death with his sand wedge, and he couldn't think of the English name.
  10. You are confusing me with my cousin, Thor Bollox. But he doesn't cycle, and his nickname is Blue.
  11. Thank you, kind sir, but I know not of an 'in tractor Bill'. I am only aware of an extinct dinosaur called an intractordon, also known mostly for eschewing masks.
  12. Did he do it on kale, bananas and tofu? Or on a bicycle? Cos sometimes distractions affect performance.
  13. I did a serious 36min KOM a few weeks ago. Have been training hard so I was really chuffed about it. A local 18 year old National cyclist went out 50mins after I did and annihilated it by 2mins cos he was, quote, 'Triggered'. Think that must be a record for a non-group ride situation!
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