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  1. Yup, I'm in the same boat now that I battle to watch live cycling with the time delay, it was mostly on the other threads that I found my home. I am a relic from a time before the light.
  2. Snowden was on NBC a few weeks ago. Itvs amazing what you miss when your views are jaundiced.
  3. I think what he is trying to say is that 80 million people disagree so they must be right. Which is interesting when aligning the 1.5billion Muslims that disagree with him on pretty much everything. But don't let fallacies stand in the way of a good, olde belief
  4. The only verifiable use of the term 'Republican cause' is in the sentence 'I support the Republican cause why vote human.'
  5. Seems I missed a lot of insanity on the Hub this last week... And a new interface. I can only assume the radical fundamentaloids have been at it again?
  6. Everyone always says professional cyclists are thoroughbreds. Turns out thoroughbreds are cyclists. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/05/09/sports/horse-racing/bob-baffert-kentucky-derby-medina-spirit-drug-test.amp.html Seems all their vices are versa.
  7. Now if only there was a party getting things done, and a news house megaphoned their achievements. Oh, I see you are actually agreeing with me. Apologies. It does explain why Fox is just full of **** though.
  8. When people believe that the brain is a gift from a divine being, they are more likely to take then for granted. Sad, but true. (And Thor hears DUH, DUMDUMDUM, duhdelahduhlahduh, DUH, DUMDUMDUM...)
  9. Aus and NZ had a T20 series not that long ago. We opened up because here was a strange situation where a total lock down brought the infections down and things got back to 'normal'. India even came down this way...
  10. They're the number one team at the moment, if I am not mistaken. As Elmer Fudd might say, they top the wankings.
  11. Perth and surrounds have been shut down for three days after someone who flew home from India and infected some other quarantiners who then wandered around the city for a few days.
  12. Duller is just a Kiwi describing US currency. Like when they approach a sheep for six.
  13. QAnon followers suffering life threatening electrocution when a neuron fires.
  14. Good grief, I was just thinking the other day 'What ever happened to you? You well?
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