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  1. My current every day watch - LumNox Recon 8800 Have ordered myself one of these though .......... very excited to get it
  2. There is an alternative route that bypasses Lehana's - apparently more riding than walking. I think he turned the rwrong way when he got to the Naude's Nek pass road but seems to have fixed it now. The Vuvu valley where Charl has gone wrong is very deceptive, easy to make a mistake. Even Tim James spent a night wandering around in there (granted it was dark).
  3. I have only ever used Ferric chloride but have read that these also work fairly reliably: Instant coffee - some swear by hot water and others say warm water is sufficientApple cider vinegar warmed up first
  4. Rob Mortimer


    Try Archers Edge in Moreleta. Not sure if they offer training but will probably be able to point you in a direction at least
  5. 80 PSI is 5.5 bar I'm a fat bastard and I don't ever run my tires harder than 2 bar
  6. Thanks guys Tried repositioning the legs and turning the know - no luck Going to borrow a friend's road bike
  7. Can anyone assist in how to set this trainer for a 29" mountain bike? Sorry if my terminology is dodgy ......... If I do manage to get the axle locked in then the wheel rests on the black plastic below the idler. If I change the drive unit position on the frame so that the wheel is on the idler then I cannot get anywhere near to locking in the axle
  8. If you can't book your luggage through then you will have to go through passport control first
  9. I wonder if you will feel the same way about the lawyers if you are paralyzed in a car accident?
  10. I do agree with training though .............. Practice, practice, practice and then some more Doesn't matter if it is a knife or a gun, it has to be instinctive reaction based on hours of repetition with every scenario in mind .........And learn to use both hands
  11. See Dion Guy has moved into second
  12. Did you see the splits .....???? A 3:10/km run after a 45km/hr bike ride is insane
  13. I have some Blue Wildebeest sirloin and fillet waiting for me when I get back home
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