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  1. Hard to go wrong with Enjoy. Great design team and seamless process.
  2. The OP hasn't stated what their entire situation is, but in a pro-team scenario, the riders generally aren't responsible for the replacement of the bikes. Every situation is different though, but if you have a financial responsibility towards an asset(ie you are legally responsible for its repair or replacement via a contract), then you shoudl be able to insure the asset if you needed to.
  3. Santam Switch(Previously JaSure) will cover you during organised sporting events. The only exclusion here is that you are not a professional that earns a salary from racing.
  4. Also noticed this. Especially if you change filters.
  5. This is also an option for the drive train... https://www.bagbox.co.za/Drivetrain-Cover-p514893448
  6. Another great way to add value for any brand is to do something for a "cause" . Companies love getting behind something where their funds have a lasting impression. Find a charity or organization that you identify with and then approach local businesses in your area to sponsor you the entry. In return for the sponsored entry, you can run a campaign with your family/ friends/ school/ other local businesses to sponsor you a Rand value per kilometer etc. and set an ambitious target or goal to raise. This creates value for the company that sponsors you the entry as their name is attached to the campaign and shown in a good light, but their money enables their funding to go much further if your fundraising target is double/ triple the cost of getting you to the race.
  7. There are two speedy Stuart Marais out there. One who used to race multisport(as you remembered), but also happened to be quite fast on the bike, and then another Stu who predominantly focused on XCO racing whom this article focuses on.
  8. Another one to add to the mix is a Nissan X-Trail. I've had my 2011 2.0l petrol one for 7 years now and it has never skipped a beat. I currently average about 8l/ 100km. It has big ground clearance and the back seats fold flat. The space in the back is huge! You can definitely get one within your budget with reasonable mileage. Maintenance has also been reasonable over the years. Great car for hauling bikes, longer road trips, and handles gravel roads superbly.
  9. It sounds like they consulted Eksom on this one. At least you can still use the product that you pay for.
  10. It's understandable that brands from time to time need to change their strategy and make cuts. At the end of the day, most companies aim to be profitable, and changes are inevitable to help achieve this. What is not great in this situation is, how it was done. It's a rubbish move to leave riders scrambling to find new brands to align with at such a late stage of the year. Imagine if employers were just allowed to terminate employment contracts when it suited them with no notice. Can't help but feel for these guys.
  11. As someone who lives in the area, I always think twice before riding this section of road. It can be so sketchy. I think it's safe to assume that a change in infrastructure cannot be expected here for a very long time. What always boggles my mind though is the lack of awareness signage(eg legal passing distance) for other types of road users(specifically cyclists) around the whole peninsula, as there are som many alternate road users in this area. How come there are signs all over Noordhoek telling you to be aware of the Western Leopard Toads, yet not one sign recommending a safe passing distance for a cyclist(or runner or horse for that matter).
  12. This probably belongs here https://www.hellopeter.com/meerendal-boutique-hotel
  13. It sounds as though Swiss Cycling has suspended MF from participating in events, while the UCI has not done so as yet as the B sample is still pending. I'm guessing if the B sample also comes back positive then the results will be amended and he will receive a suspension from the UCI.
  14. Enjoy's ProXision bibs have to be some of the best I've ridden. The value for money is probably the best in the market, and they even have some hidden storage pockets on the bib straps which is great if you want to wear them with a flannel shirt or t-shirt. https://enjoy.cc/product/mono-proxision-bibshort/
  15. I've borrowed one of these a couple times. It's super light with the shell being made of canvas, so it's easy to lift on/ off the vehicle, and takes literally 10mins to mount on the car. Once you're there it's just a matter of unzipping the sides and opening the latches. At around the R 25K mark, it's an absolute steal compared to what else is on the market. It also means you have way more space in your car for toys such as bikes
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