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  1. The last 3 days in this years TDF include 2 mountain stages and 1 TT.
  2. I would look at this year 2024 if you can.With the Olympics been in Paris the finish has moved to Nice on final day.While this might sound boring a TT from Monaco to Nice on the final day is going to make for one hell of a finish.Thinking of going for last few days with wife and can move between Monaco and Nice. As mentioned before the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and when you see the speeds they ride you realise everyone here in SA are just coffee shop riders.
  3. There is no longer such a thing as a Mtb rider/road rider,gravel rider. There are just riders.Everyone is doing everything. The strongest riders come from the road,finish and klaar. As more WT riders decide to give gravel a go it’s going to get harder and harder. The American gravel riders seriously underestimate how tough the WT riders are. As good a result Swenson got he still got pipped on the line by a 43 year old retired vet
  4. After 30 years going thru most brands I must say extreme lights range have been the best for me and worth every cent
  5. You know where SA road champs 2024 are been held?
  6. Wahaha Staying in Blouberg my wife and I will often do a gravel ride Bains/slang hoek way. ‘It’s beautiful and FREE No need to spend 2k. I expect I’ll start getting emails from organisers next week that early bird entries are open😂😂😂😂
  7. Was keen to do event this year.Tried phoning the organisers a few times(cell number on website) but no answer. Eventually sent WhatsApp because I was looking for information on the car shuttle.Eventually got a reply “everything is on website “.Still couldn’t find info so just laughed it off.Entry fee for me and wife including car shuttle would have been 2k.We ended doing our own gravel ride on Sunday (Wellington way)for free. ‘Went out for a Lekker lunch and saved a lot of money.Decided not to do race not only because of price but because of disinterest shown by organisers.
  8. Happened to a colleague of mine 2 weeks ago. Exact same spot. He’s been cycling to work for the past 5 years. Ended up with a fractured hip. I haven’t cycled Town way for over a year.Head over west coast side.
  9. Yip you are correct. ‘the section where you replace the battery is gone.Problem is it is not a part that is removable or replaceable so must of broken off. Pretty much useless as a power meter crank. Can still be used as a normal crank tho. Doubt that the power meter part can be repaired.
  10. Side note,your specialized lbs probably didn’t want to go thru the check because you didn’t buy frame from them but they would definitely have done the history check if you asked them.
  11. IMO the seller and your local specialized dealer are both at fault. Specialized SA are anal and in a super anal way about all their frames and bikes that they sell. So much to the point all it would of taken from your specialised lbs to send a email with the frame barcode to head office in stellenbosch and they would of immediately got a full history report on the frame before you bought it. Everything from what shop sold the bike,who was first owner,was the bike in a wrightoff or repairs.They keep that information on every bike/frame they ever sold.I was in the same situation buying a frame on the hub and went thru the process. Specialized came back to me and could say bike was bought at X shop,was repaired by CBR on X date etc. When I questioned seller about the bike been repaired he just told me that’s the first he’s ever heard about it….. Second thing there are a number sellers on the hub selling “repaired “bikes and frames.I’m pretty sure they got a contract with insurance to buy back ,repair and re sell on hub.What really gets me is that they NEVER indicate in any of their adverts it is a repaired that is for sale. My advice is get the mail off to specialized with frame barcode,get frame history,if you can prove seller knew it was repaired and didn’t tell you,take it further.
  12. Sorry to get a bit off topic. The sad part is that SA has unfortunately got a very very very bad reputation as regards to positive doping violations. If you look back over last 10 years,for such a small country the amount of + tests in cycling ( road and Mtb) is astounding)
  13. Was really really keen on this event until one of my colleagues came back from holiday from that part of the world. Said after the floods in tankwa the roads are in serious bad shape to the point even on a Mtb it’s going to be unpleasant. decided to then give it a skip. ‘Good luck and sterkte with everyone going 👍🏻
  14. I think it’s basically same story everywhere.WP champs we had 8 elite ladies and that included a coupler vets that chose to race elites.Attakwas had only 12 elite ladies in class. I don’t think organisers realise how guys are struggling out there. If you add entry fee,petrol etc just to get to start line guys are going to be very picky what races they enter.Wonder how many people will make it down to oudtshoorn for SA’S.
  15. Anyone doing this event? Those with experience,Mtb or gravel bike? If gravel bike what gearing? TIA
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