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  1. I agree that most hydraulic oils will be fine for lubrication 5W to 15W, engine oil will also do the job and is normally safe for rubber seals as your crank seal contains rubber Put a bit of lube on the stanchions and ride it!
  2. http://www.bikehut.co.za/store/ http://www.comobike.com/southafrica/ct/shop/pages/index.php?reload&reload= (not based in SA)
  3. Ride the tyres you have, they will be fine for the type of riding you are most probably gonna do for the first year. As you gain more experience and observe what works for other riders at the races you will make a better choice when it is time to change tyres. All in my humble opinion
  4. I had a look and found some reviews on mtbr where guys have fitted suspension forks to them. If it still has cantilever brakes you will have to change to vee brakes (incl. brake lever). Another option would be to fit a disc brake on the front, all depending on what you are willing to spend. At a guess I would say 80mm should not upset the geometry too much. Bikes from that era used 50mm-60mm travel but I am not sure you will find any that is worthwhile anymore Mauritzvw2008-04-20 09:15:43
  5. They gave the Anthem 2 a 10/10 as well so guess they pretty much on par ps. nice bike! cool spokes! cool discs! pps. couch?Mauritzvw2008-02-12 12:23:14
  6. The different "attack styles" are interesting Nice pics!
  7. Maybe it is easier if you are the stoker
  8. Hey guys! Been a while since I posted and I regret that now that I do it is to complain but leaving Giba Gorge today I was shocked to see how some people drive on the dirt road leading to the clubhouse! This road is being used by cyclists and horseriders, especially today with the endurance race being hosted there. Some drivers race along there at speeds that looked close to 80kmh if not more, passing within 1m of bikes and horses, despite warnings by marshals along the way. Come on guys what if it is your kids or wife using that road? As for hitting a horse at that speed, ask anybody who has hit a horse, donkey or cow before and I am sure they will tell you that you are NOT safe in your car no matter what car or 4x4 you drive. Some people need to wake up and grow up.
  9. LOL! ya but the "chew toy" part is stil the best Ur puppy very cute!
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