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  1. Thanks @RobertWhitehead Mom has remembered where, and dearest Caroline, who has been working for them for 20years brought them back this morning. She had no use for it (unsurprisingly)
  2. Hi all, First post here in a long time. I emigrated some 11 years ago, and left a bicycle, helmet and shoes with my parents for use when I visit. I arrived this morning, and mom seems to have donated helmet and shoes… Is there a kind soul who is willing to lend me a pair of road shoes and a helmet (shoes 9.5 and a Medium helmet) until the 16th of Jan? I would gladly pay rent/beer/coffee/ice cream. Thanks in advance
  3. Agreed Eugene, I am a fan of Deda too. But fact remains the Black pearl is at least 6-7 years old.
  4. The Cartesio should be better, but I hope you are paying very little for it. Its a heavily outdated generic Deda frame that Guerciotti simply put some paint on. It is not really a "Guerciotti" - it was known as a Dedacciai Black Pearl, IIRC The same was done by Ciocc, Ribble and I believe Guru too.
  5. He apparently shaved all his hair off. Not sure if relevant but the heat was near unbearable in there, so perhaps short sleeves was preferred because of that?
  6. He seemed better than Jens and the rest yes, but it was pretty clear that he was tiring towards the end. With ten minutes or so to go there was a few laps where the pace was off, and he didn't hold good lines on the bends. An impressive show nonetheless.
  7. I did not read through the entire thread, BUT imo if the shop owner facilitates he is also guilty. I would find it hard that the customer can claim on the warranty and not go through a shop (but may be I am wrong?). Shop owner should refuse one of the two claims. As forlosing a customer, clearly dishonest customers are not the ones you want, are they?
  8. Excellent karman, will join on sunday
  9. All, I am in Stellenbosch this weekend with a few friends from the UK. Are there any group rides we could join? I believe BMT is a good spot, but what time? And do they ride before the Epic on Sunday? Thanks, Bontie
  10. So, I am tagging 10 people along from the UK for this....ZAR/km I hear you say... Might bolt on a long ride on our own after the 47km....
  11. g2 , I bought one off amazon or ebay for about a tenner.
  12. CPT folks. I am around town for a few days around the argus with some english friends. Are there any group rides that wouldnt mind some company? We are in town from 7/03 to 12/03. TIA
  13. Back on topic. Had a Specialized MTB years ago. I wont get one again, cos Mike Sinyard reminds me a bit of Lance...
  14. Any Cannondale dealer should be able to help,BUT if ever there was a bike you could get a bargain for second hand, its a racing tandem...
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