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  1. Great day for for DH mountain biking!
  2. GREG YOU BEAUT!!! Yeaaah boooi!!!
  3. DH is the new tennis on Supersport Sunday
  4. Is it worth it to take electronic devices over from SA, or just buy new in NZ? Like a TV? Had suggestions to buy new in SA, then take over to NZ. Does NZ use different power adapters?
  5. Not on DSTV hey? Only Redbull TV?
  6. Whilst on the NZ subject, I was quite shocked to see this…
  7. Thanks for replies, guess we’re pretty spoiled here in Cape Town with over a 170km worth of trails (Tygerberg mtb trail network) on our doorstep, some (Jonkershoek/ Banhoek) within big mountains. Reason for asking is we might move to Auckland soon, just getting a feel for some of the “sacrifices” we would have to make in terms of our mountain biking and access to mountain trail riding.
  8. Question. How’s the mtb scene in/around Auckland? Any good trails to recommend? Compared to Tygerberg trails in Cape Town and other like Banhoek / Jonkershoek, Helderberg, Stellenbosch Trails? any similar type spots? I have heard Rotorua is also a hub for good trails.
  9. Great bike. Pity the select few who can probably afford this ridiculous price wouldn’t be able to shred it like it’s supposed to.
  10. Would love to do this ride, unfortunately the safety in SA is of concern, every now and then I flick through the Cycling Safety thread, seems like incidents are increasing everywhere with some real horror stories. Pity.
  11. This hits close to home, on my urban route as well. Just show, wherever you have these low-lifes in informal settlements, crime will be rife. I have been cycling past there for 4 years now. It looks like a dump anyway when you drive past there, okes boozing 7am in the morning, smoking who knows what and just overall a dirty place. Be safe, or take a weapon with. I feel we as members should ask our local MTB clubs (Tygerberg MTB Club) to approach the local ward councilor and put pressure on them to get police involved and make sure areas are patrolled.
  12. Hey guys, need some advice. What setup would I need to power a laptop and a iMac together with my wifi-router? What would I need to budget roughly? Any good deals / suggestions? We live in a complex with pre-paid electricity box and neighbors are close - so a petrol generator won't work in our setup. Thanks.
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