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  1. Hi, so my medical aid doesn’t cover costs for a hip MRI, at R9K, which currently I don’t have. Is there a way to go to public hospitals / radiologists - not sure where to start. Any experiences with this? Thanks fir your help
  2. Morning all, anyone know where in the Cape I can go ride with my kids (10, 1.5) at the moment to get out of the house for a couple of hours... Koeberg closed, green point par closed etc... thanks for sharing your riding areas!
  3. Thank you - I guess there are different options - this one goes to the front, according to the manual :-)
  4. Morning all, so I got the below toddler seat to roll the little one around the hood for a few minutes after sunrise, but I am technologically challenged. How do I increase the space where the clamp is supposed to go (blue section!)? The steerer tube isn't any longer, need about 8mm more to put a 3rd spacer on and then the clamp. Is the solution maybe another stem that "uses" less space on the steerer tube, or how do I manage to win a bit more space to use this baby seat finally?
  5. Someone dropped a gel pouch. On a serious note, as we are planning to bring a group of overseas (hopefully sans covid-19) riders, has the actual date been confirmed yet for the 2021?
  6. Thanks, but that means this would have changed, as it was all working fine. got all my heart rate based points last year using the Health app only. Now have a watch, using Strava, feed into Health app, Discovery doesn't read that anymore. Will email them directly, let's see. Thanks!
  7. Hey, so if my iwatch 2 successfully feeds from Strava into Health app and Vitality claims to read Health app data (and the permissions are set accordingly), why don’t I get vitality points for these activities?
  8. Brilliant ideas here- anyone have a good and user friendly solution to make storage lockable somehow? Moving into a house with a garage and want to lock the bikes to the wall.. Thanks
  9. me too, 6 year old, for the 4.2 km... dad stuffed up the registration :-( #dadfail
  10. Hello, anyone have a spare entry for the junior 4.2 tour... I mixed up "entry" and "registration" and thought I can just walk into Canal Walk - no luck, and my son is all excited... #dadfail :-(
  11. Congratulations! How do I get Discovery to come to our office and let me when the spinning challenge?!
  12. So Father Christmas gave me an Apple Watch 2. how to link it on the discovery app, if it doesn't show as an option under "link device"?
  13. Fitbit Charge HR - does anyone know when Vitality accepts the HR data - or if I bought that thing too quickly. :-(
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