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  1. Having just gone through this exercise of purchasing for my 1.2m son( 1.2 a few months ago), I was looking at 20 inch bikes, though with the newer 24inch bikes, and their low seat heights, he was comfortable on it. Has he been riding or starting off? I'd suggest a used branded bike as there are plenty available in the cape i nthe 24 inch range, and most girls bikes are in a better condition than boys bikes. You would save more than 50% on a new bike. I was also weary on the disc brakes but it is much better than the rim brakes, even on kiddies bikes, even if only mechanical disc brakes. The bikes with disc brakes are also easier to resell. I think a 26inch will be too large for her current height.
  2. I do understand though I find R1300 a fitting, per bike, a bit excessive when other fork mountings are available for R500, new. Ideally, I'd like to bolt the 'arm' from the pro ride, directly to the rack, and for it to hold the frame, and to tie the wheels done to the rack as per the original FR wheel holder. Placing a Thule bar on a front runner rack and thereafter a pro-ride to it, may look cumbersome.
  3. Thank you kindly for this info. Do you have additional info whether any generic fork mounts, that are usually priced less, have a fit for the frontrunner rack?
  4. Hi. I'm am looking for info on a compatible bicycle carrier to mount to a front runner roof rack. Are there cheaper, yet as effective alternatives for the front runner fork mount adapter that attaches to the rack? Is it possible to mount a Thule pro ride, or thule products, to a front runner rack? TIA
  5. A very noob qiestion- Is it possible to have the arms at different heights to match the sloping shape of the frame, so the adult bike effectively sits straight without the use of a frame adapter? If not why not?
  6. Yip, this won't work even on a 5 km journey. The junior bikes are too unstable in this setup and it all looks like a mangled mess stuck with glue. Looking at it again, the arms are too steep for th junior bike, but work with the adult bike whilst using the frame adapter.
  7. I may have the hangers set too low. The pedal doesnt clear the top of the boot lid. The frame adapter I have is not the closed loop, but hook version, Thule Bike Frame Adapter | Thule | UK It is quite secure, but speed and force can change things quickly.
  8. Yeah, loading 2 bikes, keeping the center loading point empty makes it much easier to clear pedals to frame, and frame to fork contact. Heaviest bike is closest to the vehicle, and i also utilise straps to secure wheels and pedals from movement. Will look into pool noodles Thanks for your input
  9. Good day all, I'd appreciate your feedback on loading bikes onto a rack, specifically a 3 bike hanging rack, Thule raceway 3, with one adult, one junior and one kiddies bike, without any bikes touching. Additionally, how safe is the Thule frame adapter, and has it ever come loose? I have found that resting the junior bike on it's bottom tube of the triangle effectively raising it above the rack, with the adult bike on the frame adapter, assists in keeping spacing between the bikes, though the junior bike is then not 'hanging'. Is this recommended for loading or with that much of weight above the rack, does it cause the bike to sway or fall over? Additionally, is it common practice to turn the bar to align with the top tube, to avoid the bar going through the spokes of the next bike? And do I remove the pedals to avoid them knocking into the vehicle or the next bike? I'm welcome to suggestions for short, 50km, or 1000km journeys. Trust my explanation is clear. edit- pic attached. the kiddies bike will have the bar turned so as to keep the wheel flush and not protruding. Ideally, I would like all bikes to be only as high as the first bike, though the wheels rub against the gear selector and levers. Will play around with a few more setups, with pool noodles or try 'wrapping' the bikes in foam to avoid contact.
  10. No cycle store, nor dealer, cycle or vehicle will hold a vehicle for anyone, on word only. Why would one expect a private person who has someone at the door with cash in hand, to turn them away in the hopes of the buyer arriving at a later date, and potentially lose the sale all together? I've experienced the OP's frustration too, but put it down to -first come, first serve. Someone got there before me, so cheers to them. One wouldnt pay for an item without viewing, because the sellers word can be trusted. Why is the seller to take the buyers word only, that he will arrive the next day.
  11. I am also looking to get similar info and would appreciate input too.
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