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  1. Anyone can tell me how to fit the race number. It has a plastic with 2 holes, 2 cable ties and 4 clips. And the other piece of paper. Sorry about the stupid questions, it's my 1st Argus 🤭
  2. Guys just wanted to update you on my issue which was resolved by John and Reece from Ergofit at the Sport Science Institute. They sorted out my back/should/neck issue with a proper bikefit and some fine tuning which helped me instantly. I got some good advice on my body positioning and posture to prevent stiffness and muscle tension. Very professional and will go the extra mile in sorting out any issue you might be experiencing. Thank you once again John for your professionalism and dedication.
  3. Hi Guys Just wanted your input on what my issue could be wrt my upper back pain/shoulder blades and sore stiff neck and slightly lame in arms. I heard ridden a 5 hour ride on Saturday up to Chappies and back. I did my bike fit in the week. my pedal reach is perfect now, but i still have the upper back issue. My height is 1.65m and see my bike measurements below. Would appreciate your feedback.
  4. So i bought it yesteday and he serviced it before selling it to me. Daughter very excited and happy about the bike. Now i just need some elbow and knee pads with a helmet. I saw this on takealot for a good deal. What' your opinion of this. https://betterbuys.co.za/product/protective-gear-kit-adjustable-sports-guard-kit-knee-elbow-wrist-guards-with-helmet-for-kids-purple-pink/ Or is there anything better out there perhaps
  5. Thanks for the advice gents. I'm having a look at it later and see how she fits and ride it.
  6. what's your opinion on this bike and what to check for any issues https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/kids-bikes/499807/avalanche-cosmic-24-girls
  7. great, thanks for the advise guys, apprciated
  8. Hi all Just wanted some input on buying a bike for my daughter. I think she will enjoy it and riding with me. So i am looking for a decent entry level bike for her. She is 10 and about 1.2m Is there any difference in the entry level bikes and what brand is preferred and which shops in CPT. Budget is about 1k to 2.5k Dunno much about kiddies bikes and i don't think it's not worth buying a 2nd hand kiddies bike also.
  9. Hi Guys My road bike handlebars are too low and the stem is limited and i cannot lift the handlebars up anymore. My current one is 100mm long What is your view on the adjustable stem. Is it safe to use and better to adjust to the correct height i prefer. https://www.olympiccycles.co.za/product/pro-stem-lt-os-adj-black-110mm/?gclid=CjwKCAjw95yJBhAgEiwAmRrutNbz2LtEOATxK1SlPWsSgv2g5ikKQwgbY1-ZbkOCmmL7XeDAyKZI3RoCsZ0QAvD_BwE
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated
  11. thanks, but i there nothing cheaper
  12. Hi Guys I am looking for a bike place or shop where i want a basic bike fit to be done. After about 30min my arms gets lame, sore/stiff neck and shoulders. Budget bike fit will do as i am practising for Argus. I'm in Southern Suburbs, Cpt. Anything from R200 up to R800 will do. Thanks
  13. I recently bought me a 2nd hand one. saddle is a bit too high for me and i need to cut it down abit for me to fit properly.
  14. and this https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/476602/giant-tcr-c1 will 46cm fit 1,65m on giant tcr
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