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  1. Financial gurus, advice. When swapping from one car to the other, after selling the roof racks. Do you use the money, top up the 3/4K and get a new set; or do you add it to the finance of the new car. Reason i ask is aren’t you then taking 11k worth equipment at 8% credit on residual (if applicable)? Or just pay for the new set with credit card (ideally not) or dig into them savings. In a debate here and the hub always gives expert advice.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CsYyqBorkCR/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==
  3. Luke Moir, an 8 times national winner and top ranked junior XCO 2020 cyclist in the World gives us some insights into his current bike set up, favourite places to cycle and top tips when travelling with all your bike gear. What does a typical training week look like for you? It depends on what […] View full article
  4. No matter how many kilometers biked, mountains climbed, slopes skied or places seen there are always new adventures to experience and moments to be made. Camping in and around our beautiful country should be top of your wanderlust list, and is the perfect way to unplug and take in the simplicity of nature. Whether […] View full article
  5. Must have gear for your next family biking adventure With our countries beautiful scenery, cultural history and unique flora, biking holidays and exploring the great outdoors on two wheels is fast becoming a popular choice amongst families. You’ve done the research and found the perfect destination for your next family bike vacay, now its time […] View full article
  6. Cycling to work is one of the best ways to start the day, especially now that summer has arrived. You get a fresh breath of air and some healthy exercise – not to mention that it is often a very economical alternative. Thule biking backpacks are the ideal solution for storing all your gear and […] View full article
  7. Thule’s latest gear will help get you over the finish line View full article
  8. Got tired of it sitting funny. Found the solution...????
  9. Good day all, I'd appreciate your feedback on loading bikes onto a rack, specifically a 3 bike hanging rack, Thule raceway 3, with one adult, one junior and one kiddies bike, without any bikes touching. Additionally, how safe is the Thule frame adapter, and has it ever come loose? I have found that resting the junior bike on it's bottom tube of the triangle effectively raising it above the rack, with the adult bike on the frame adapter, assists in keeping spacing between the bikes, though the junior bike is then not 'hanging'. Is this recommended for loading or with that much of weight above the rack, does it cause the bike to sway or fall over? Additionally, is it common practice to turn the bar to align with the top tube, to avoid the bar going through the spokes of the next bike? And do I remove the pedals to avoid them knocking into the vehicle or the next bike? I'm welcome to suggestions for short, 50km, or 1000km journeys. Trust my explanation is clear. edit- pic attached. the kiddies bike will have the bar turned so as to keep the wheel flush and not protruding. Ideally, I would like all bikes to be only as high as the first bike, though the wheels rub against the gear selector and levers. Will play around with a few more setups, with pool noodles or try 'wrapping' the bikes in foam to avoid contact.
  10. Get your bike to your next adventure safely and securely View full article
  11. Hi Does anyone know what mounting kit is needed to fit Thule bars in Securi lid? or is it a custom made thing?
  12. How to pack for your family bike adventure: View full article
  13. Whether you’re heading out for a short ride or taking a weekend trip, mountain biking is an activity that perfectly blends exercise with exploration of the natural world. Download attachment: Thule_Easyfold_LS_Revinge_Landscape_160601_A0009160.jpg Click here to view the article
  14. Hi all TGIF! I'm looking to buy a towbar mounted bike rack (seems to be the overwhelming preference) and have been checking out the Thule EasyFold XT2. It's fairly pricey at R17999. Has anyone got one and would recommend it? I'm a little confused at all the various options in their range: VeloSpace, VeloCompact, EuroRide, etc. I need to carry max two mountain bikes (alu), or 1 road bike (carbon).The platform rack seems to be popular.The tilt feature is nice to access the bootI have a 13 pin connector on my two bar (but I see you can get 7 pin and vice versa).Other than that, I don't know much more about towbar bike racks. Thanks in advance for any input and/or suggestions!
  15. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to carry 5 or 6 bicycles plus gear on a double cab Toyota Hilux. My extended family are all into cycling and we have a few road trips planned around cycling. We would ideally want to be able to carry 5 bikes and 5 people all with their cycling gear and a weekend bag. A trailer is out of the equation as we do not have space to store it when not in use. I do have a 3 bicycle Thule rack however I prefer carrying two bikes on it. I saw this Hilux in picture on the road the other day and I think that it my be the answer to my problems. The Hilux had x4 bicycle roof rack carriers on the back of the bed on top of a hard top roll cover. I am considering replicating this as you can still use the back of the bakkie for safe storage plus using the tow bar and bicycle rack to carry the additional bicycles. My question is how do I go about replicating this? How to the cross bars on the bed of the bakkie connect to the roll top cover? Who should I go to for advice or is there an easier answer to my dilemma?
  16. Morning I have just bought a Thule VeloCompact 927. I can't get it to clamp onto the tow bar. I was using a EuroClassic 929 and have no no issues getting it on. I called Thule and they said that I must remove the plastic cover type thing under the handle as it restricts the handle movement. Without it it'll open more apparently. Can someone confirm if the plastic cover in the pic is the one that must be removed and if so how does it come off? Has anyone had this issue or have any other ideas? To me it doesn't look like the plastic 'cover' doesn't come off too easily.
  17. With lockdown we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors, whether remote learning, zoom office meetings or just staying safe and away from crowds, so there really is no better feeling than getting back in the saddle and hitting the wide open road (or mountain, or trail) for a little time out and some fresh air. Click here to view the article
  18. We are dropping prices on selected Thule stock. Click on the banner above and get in touch to secure your unit.
  19. Hi guys. Has anyone got any suggestions on a roof rack carrier for a tandem? I know Thule make one but it is prohibitively expensive, R8k to R10K. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be welcome. Matt
  20. Hi guys, I have a question, and I am sure my fellow hubbers would conquered this issue before. I did not want to revive an old thread deadish thread, or highjack that thread, but I came from here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/55832-thule-roofrack-on-bakkie/page-3. Basicly I own a 2016 Toyota Hilux Double cab fitted with an Armidillo Auto Roll Top Cover. I own a Scott aspect 910 aluminium bike, which I had from 2014. Currently I simply open the cover and load the bike on the back with the front wheel over the tailgate with a blanket or so between the bike and the tailgate. I am planning to buy a new carbon dual suspension bike and do not feel like this is a viable option anymore. The Armidillo cover does not come with rails to attach a roofrack to, and it will necessitate drilling into the cover and my bakkie, which I would like to avoid if at all possible. I must add that I would exploit having the loadbars by fitting a rooftop tent also, so this option from Skitch is quite attractive: It seems like it would be possible to mount the rooftop tent in between the bikes still: Have anyone here mounted roofracks over the Armidillo cover before, and if so, what would be the best route to go. The rooftop tent is an added bonus, and bike safety take precedent in any event. What are you guys' thoughts on the roofrack over the Armidillo, and the best way to go about it?
  21. Hi Guys, I am interested in purchasing a bike trailer and would appreciate some input from cyclists who have used one of them. Thule has the Coaster; how will it deal with light off-roading? Are there any other brands/makes you can recommend?
  22. Does anyone perhaps have a spare middle arm for a Thule 3 bike carrier. Specifically the EuroWay G2. My neighbor lost his so I said I'd ask on here before he has to splash out.
  23. Hi Hubbers, Just looking to find out if anyone has installed an aftermarket Thule Fixed Towbar on a VW Golf (GTI) or any other car for that matter, & what is your thoughts on the product. I am looking for a solution to carry 2 bikes, and am against the roof racks & was advised against the hatch back carriers because the boot spoiler could get damaged. The Thule fitment center quoted me R3100 for the fixed tow bar & then R1200 for the 2 bike carrier, so all fitted R4300. My only concern was how it will look on the vehicle, as they would need to cut into the bottom of the bumper to install the tow bar. I've been told that I should maybe visit a Kwik fit etc, as it might be cheaper & they do the Bosal tow bars, but not sure as those ones may not look as good as the thule ones. Any thoughts, ideas, advise for me on this one. Thanks guys...
  24. Guys I see so many posts here on stolen bikes where guys say it was locked on a Thule rack. I only use Thule racks and so know how good/(bad) the locks are. I have never tried but I would guess 10 seconds with a large screw driver and a vice grip and that lock s gone. If you need to lock bike on racks and leave it, you really need to know the risk. What area are you in, is there passing foot traffic, is there car guards. I carry a very good very thick chain (encased in plastic Hose) in my car with a huge big great quality lock. EDIT this is attached while driving as I have heard about theft from racks while driving It takes a while longer and doesn't look cool, but if they want to saw, etc through that then let them try in traffic. At least I make an effort. BUT THULE LOCKS ARE A NO NO
  25. A comfortable, well-organised backpack is essential for anyone on the move. If your lifestyle demands mobility or you simply need to arrange your clutter, the Thule Crossover may be the ideal backpack for you. Click here to view the article
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