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  1. Jamie Owen, marketing manager for Thule SA, gives the below advice and tips on the different ways you can transport your bike(s) on your car, the features and benefits of each and how to know the capacity and limitations of certain styles and vehicle placements. The right rack for your car The first questions you should ask when selecting a bike rack is what type of vehicle you have, what type of bikes you are transporting and how many bikes you would like to carry? Bike racks come in a variety of styles and can be mounted on a vehicle’s roof, on the tow bar, on the trunk/rear door, or in the bed of a pickup truck. The type of vehicle you have will identify what bike rack options are available. How to select the right bike rack for your needs… After determining the number of bikes you plan on transporting, you can then decide on how you want to carry your bikes. As mentioned, there are four options to choose from. Roof top Bicycle Carriers To mount a roof top bike carrier, you will first require a roof rack on your vehicle. The roof mounted bike carriers are designed to carry one bike per carrier but depending on the width of your roof rack and the load capacity of your vehicles roof you are often able to mount 4 and occasionally even 5 bike carriers onto the roof racks. A roof mounted bike carrier gives you full access to the trunk of your vehicle. Generally, they also stay mounted to your vehicle even when you aren’t transporting bikes which saves on storage space. Roof mounted bike carriers are a great option if you ever tow a trailer, boat, or caravan as you can still mount the bikes to your vehicle whilst towing. Roof mounted carriers come in either a fork mounted bike rack that secure to the quick release or thru-axel of your fork. An example of this is the new Thule TopRide. The other option is an upright bike carrier that doesn’t require removing the front wheel. These carriers either mount to the bicycles frame, such as the Thule ProRide 598 or mount to the front wheel such as the Thule UpRide which has zero frame contact. These carriers are quick to load and unload and are a great solution if you have a vehicle that is not too high off the ground. Benefits of rooftop bike racks: • You don’t require a tow bar to be mounted to the vehicle. • Your bicycles won’t get as dusty on gravel roads. • You will have full access to the vehicle’s trunk/boot. • You can still use the vehicle to tow a trailer/caravan/boat. • The bike racks can stay mounted to the vehicle so there is no need to store them. • You can purchase an additional roof mounted bike carrier when required. Towbar-mounted bike racks: Tow bar-mounted bike racks are the most common style of bike carriers and are a great option if you already have a tow bar on your vehicle or plan on installing one. These bike racks can carry 1 to 4 bikes, are easy to mount and limit heavy and high lifting. Tow bar bike racks also come in two styles: platform and hangon carriers. Thule platform carriers can carry up to 3 bikes (four if you add a fourth bike adapter which is compatible with certain models), are designed to make loading and unloading quick and easy, fold up when not in use, easily accommodate a variety of frame styles and have a tilt function to access the vehicles trunk. They also come standard with locks so that the carrier locks to the vehicle and the bicycles lock to the rack. All Thule’s platform carriers also have integrated lights and a number plate holder. One of the best options for this style is the Thule EasyFold XT 3, a fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use towbar-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes, including E-bikes. Hanging tow bar racks can carry up to 4 bikes. Instead of the bikes standing on a platform the bikes are secured by hanging from the top tube. These carriers are more affordable than platform carriers and are ideal for shorter trips. Benefits of towbar-mounted bike racks: • The platform versions have integrated locks, lights, and a number plate holder. • They are simple to use and don’t require bikes to be lifted very high. • They are the only option for E-bikes. • No concern of damaging bicycles on low hanging structures. Trunk bike racks: For vehicles without a roof rack or towbar, a trunk bike rack is an ideal option. This style of racks can transport 1 to 3 bikes, they are foldable and can thus easily be stored when not in use. These carriers are a great option for cyclists who want the bikes mounted to the rear of the car without having to install a tow bar. Although these carriers are not compatible on every vehicle, they can be used on several different sedans and hatchbacks, so they are also a good choice for those who change vehicles often. The new Thule Outway range consists of a 2 and 3 bike hanging option as well as a 2-bike platform option. All three Thule Outway carriers fold up for easy storage and come standard with locks so that the rack locks to the car and the bikes lock to the rack. Benefits of trunk bike racks: • You do not have a tow bar or roof racks on your vehicle. • You are a casual rider that does not ride often. • You change vehicles often. Truck/Bakkie Bed Racks: Truck/bakkie owners, have the option to easily load their bikes onto an in-bed bike rack for mounting inside the bed of their truck. The Thule bed rider is one option which allows two bikes to be mounted by their forks inside the bin. Another option is quickly and securely strapping up to 7 bikes onto a tailgate pad such as the Thule GateMate Pro which protects the bikes with integrated straps and prevents the tail gate from getting scratched. Once you’ve decided which type of carrier will be best for you, you’ll need to decide exactly which model to go for. To help you select the best rack for you, check out our interactive Thule Buyer's Guide for a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial of which bike rack would be best for your vehicle, bike styles and number of bikes to carry. All options are available at Thule Partner store nationwide or shop online www.thulestore.co.za
  2. Good day all, I'd appreciate your feedback on loading bikes onto a rack, specifically a 3 bike hanging rack, Thule raceway 3, with one adult, one junior and one kiddies bike, without any bikes touching. Additionally, how safe is the Thule frame adapter, and has it ever come loose? I have found that resting the junior bike on it's bottom tube of the triangle effectively raising it above the rack, with the adult bike on the frame adapter, assists in keeping spacing between the bikes, though the junior bike is then not 'hanging'. Is this recommended for loading or with that much of weight above the rack, does it cause the bike to sway or fall over? Additionally, is it common practice to turn the bar to align with the top tube, to avoid the bar going through the spokes of the next bike? And do I remove the pedals to avoid them knocking into the vehicle or the next bike? I'm welcome to suggestions for short, 50km, or 1000km journeys. Trust my explanation is clear. edit- pic attached. the kiddies bike will have the bar turned so as to keep the wheel flush and not protruding. Ideally, I would like all bikes to be only as high as the first bike, though the wheels rub against the gear selector and levers. Will play around with a few more setups, with pool noodles or try 'wrapping' the bikes in foam to avoid contact.
  3. Get your bike to your next adventure safely and securely View full article
  4. You’ve spent a lot of your money on your bike, and it too deserves a safe ride if you’re travelling to your next race or heading off on a weekend cycling adventure. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your destination and your dream ride is damaged. Fortunately the team at Thule has a range of bike rack options that give you a full choice of options when transporting one of your most precious possessions. The Thule Rack For You The roof bike rack range from Thule gives you a full choice of different mounting and loading/unloading options, with everything from fork-mounted carriers that include thru-axle options to frame or wheel mounted roof bike racks. If you already have a car roof rack, it may be a more convenient choice as you only need to add the Roof mounted bike carrier. A towbar bike rack is a great choice if you and your friends or family want to head out on new adventures with your bikes. Finding the towbar bike rack that’s perfect for you and your car couldn’t be simpler by using the Thule Buyers Guide. First, specify the number of bikes you want to carry. Then you can choose a platform for easier loading and unloading or a tiltable carrier that swings away to give you access to the trunk of the car. A trunk bike rack lets you and your friends or family take your bikes with you wherever you go – and still leave space for carrying gear on the roof if space is tight. Rear door mounted bike carriers don’t require a tow bar and are able to carry up to 3 bikes. Check the Thule buyers guide to find the correct carrier to fit your vehicle. Tips For Transporting Your Bikes Safely Jamie Owen, Thule’s marketing manager, offers these top tips to consider when you’re transporting your bike and things to to consider to ensure the best protection at all times: If your bikes or bike carrier line up with your exhaust then use a heat shield to avoid the bike tyres and bike rack wheel holders getting burnt whilst driving Make sure there is no movement between bikes on a hangon carrier – an Imbi bike protector can help here Use a Thule Carbon Frame adapter to ensure your carbon frame doesn’t get damaged Use rim protectors on the wheel straps to avoid scratching the rims Use a ladies frame adapter if you have an oddly shaped frame that doesn’t fit the bike carrier properly Always use a cable lock on hangon carriers and as an added safety measure on platform carriers Always fit the larger and heavier bikes closer to the vehicle with lighter bikes on the outside Check lights before a long trip and use a Thule lightboard if the lights and number plate are obstructed when using a hangon carrier – this will avoid getting traffic fines If you are using a roof mounted carrier place your garage remote in the back of the vehicle so that you need to get out the car to open the garage, this way you wont forget that the bikes are mounted to the vehicle. You can be confident that your Thule bike rack will carry your bike safely and securely wherever you want to go and you’ll be in the saddle as quickly and easily as possible! For more information: www.thulestore.co.za
  5. Hi Does anyone know what mounting kit is needed to fit Thule bars in Securi lid? or is it a custom made thing?
  6. With international travel on hold, local road trips and holidays are on the up. With our beautiful scenery, cultural history and unique flora, biking holidays and exploring on two wheels is fast becoming a popular choice amongst families as a way to enjoy the great outdoors together. Once you’ve done the research and found the perfect destination for your next family bike vacation, the hardest part is out the way, next is to line up all your family’s gear and get packing! It starts with the helmets, rain jackets, shoes and then the next thing you know, you’ve packed way too many outfits and loads of stuff that your kids will never need. Let’s be honest, packing for a week away or just one night with your family often means the same number of bags. Fortunately, the team from Thule is here to help trim down your packing list and more importantly, make a checklist that’s right for your family. Start with a duffel for essentials A bike trip can go downhill fast – and not in a good way – by forgetting to pack helmets and riding gear. Stick to the basics and set aside one go-to duffel for all the gear you can’t live without. Then you can use other bags, like rolling suitcases or backpacks, for clothes, shoes, and activities for the kids. But you can’t have a great bike trip without the essentials, so find a spacious, durable duffel bag to store all your must-have items. Your kids deserve the best ride When you’re away with your family, making sure you can explore everything on your list means pedaling for plenty of miles. For the little ones, just coming along for the ride can be fun for them and you’ll be happy knowing they are safe, cosy and not missing a moment while riding around in a new place. A multisport bike trailer is the perfect addition to any young family’s vacation with bikes and is the best way to ensure you see all the sights with the kids on board. They will be happy and comfortable in their spacious cockpit with plenty of windows, pockets for the snacks, and a five-point harness to keep them safe. The good news is that when you finally reach a spot for lunch or decide to lock up the bikes and walk around, some trailers conveniently convert from a bike trailer to a stroller and you can keep the family smiling as you never miss a beat. An alternative is to invest in a good child bike seat that will allow you and your most treasured cargo an opportunity to enjoy the everyday bike rides, safely, easily and in style. With front and rear seats available it’s a great choice for letting your child see the world from your bike. Keep hydrated A good pack is not only a great way to stay hydrated, but it’s also an easy way to carry many of the essential items on this list. A hip belt is also a convenient way to access phones safe and is added storage for for essential tools or nutrition. Packing up the cargo box The car ride can be challenging enough; so why cram every single bag between the seats while your kids sit squeezed in the back questioning your packing skills? Adding a spacious cargo box onto the roof rack is the easiest way to make your ride there and back comfortable and hassle-free. A range of sizes and models of cargo boxes are available to match your vehicle, your packing needs, and price range, so why not add a little more elbow room in your car and move the more oversized items up into an aerodynamic and stylish cargo box? Don’t forget the bikes! The final step on the packing list is the most important and the one thing you really can’t do without on the trip. The bikes, of course! But before you just strap any bike rack to your trunk, you need to choose the correct bike rack for your car and for your requirements. From rear door mounted bike carriers that do not require a tow bar to tow bar mounted platform racks that allow for simple loading and unloading, there is bound to be a perfect option for you and your family. The new Thule OutWay 2 and 3 Bike carriers are premium rear door mounted bike racks (no tow bar required) for an easy getaway. These carriers can be mounted to a variety of vehicles and not only do they lock to your vehicle, but they also include locks that lock your bike to the rack. For those whose vehicle has a tow bar you have the option of a hanging type bicycle rack that can accommodate up to four bikes or a platform carrier such as the popular Thule Euroway G2 which is not only compact, but also fully lockable and tilts for easy access to the boot. There has also been a huge growth in sales of e-bikes for those who want to enjoy the trails with a bit less effort up the hills. The Thule EasyFold XT bike rack (now also available in a black version) is a fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use towbar-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes, including e-bikes. No matter how far away you plan to take that next bike vacation, making sure your bikes make it to and from your destination safely is the only way you can drive with confidence, knowing you and your family are on the perfect trip! Find the perfect Thule product for your life here: thulestore.co.za
  7. How to pack for your family bike adventure: View full article
  8. Whether you’re heading out for a short ride or taking a weekend trip, mountain biking is an activity that perfectly blends exercise with exploration of the natural world. Download attachment: Thule_Easyfold_LS_Revinge_Landscape_160601_A0009160.jpg Click here to view the article
  9. For new riders and experienced veterans alike, it offers a unique sense of freedom and discovery. But with that freedom comes a responsibility to be prepared for a variety of challenges that can come up when you’re out pedalling. Jamie Owen, marketing manager for Thule SA suggests this list of essentials that will help you make the most of your time on the biking trail and ensure that you have a great ride. 1. A bikeMake sure your bike fits you well and has been serviced recently to limit the possibility of mechanical issues out on the trail. 2. A bike rackWhile some may live within riding distance of their favourite trails, most of us have to drive to the trailhead and loading a muddy bike into your rear hatch isn’t a lot of fun. A good bike rack can make that task much easier. When purchasing your next bike rack, it is important to know the various ways to transport your bike(s) on your vehicle, the features and benefits of specific rack models, as well as knowing the capacity and limitations of certain styles and vehicle placements. The new Thule OutWay 2 and 3 Bike carriers are premium rear door mounted bikeracks (no tow bar required) for an easy getaway. These carriers can be mounted to a variety of vehicles and not only do they lock to your vehicle, but they also include locks that lock your bike to the rack. For those whose vehicle has a tow bar you have the option of a hanging type bicycle rack that can accommodate up to four bikes or a platform carrier such as the popular Thule Euroway G2 which is not only compact, but also fully lockable and tilts for easy access to the boot. There has also been a huge growth in sales of e-bikes for those who want to enjoy the trails with a bit less effort up the hills. The Thule EasyFold XT bike rack (now also available in a black version) is a fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use towbar-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes, including e-bikes. 3. A comfy & well-fitted helmetA quality helmet that is both safe and comfortable will give you the confidence you need to push your riding a little further each time you ride. 4. Hydration packA good pack is not only a great way to stay hydrated, but it’s also an easy way to carry many of the essential items on this list. The innovative Thule Rail hydration packs (8L, 12L and 12L Pro) have been designed specifically for the downhill and enduro rider. The secure-fit design wraps the torso and eliminates bounce or movement when jumping or railing corners for unsurpassed control, comfort and safety while descending rough trails. The 2.5L HydraPak reservoir features a locking valve to prevent leaks and you will be able to stay hydrated without slowing down, thanks to the hands-free ReTrakt magnetic hose return. The Thule Rail range also includes hip belts in three sizes that enable you to bring the items that you need on your ride with a little less bulk than a normal hydration pack. 5. Spare tubesEven if you ride tubeless, carrying a spare tube or two is crucial. Flats can happen in the trailhead parking lot or at the halfway point of your ride. Make sure you grab a tube that is sized properly for your tire too. 6. Tire leverSome multi-tools have a built-in lever, but a standalone lever will always make it easier to get a tire on and off your rim. 7. Tire pump or CO2 cartridge and inflaterA CO2 cartridge and inflater doesn’t take up much room in your pack or saddlebag, but a good tire pump is the most reliable way to ensure you’re ready to inflate a new tube. 8. Multi-toolA decent multi-tool is a must-have. Most smaller tools will have flathead and phillips head screwdrivers, a T25 torx and a variety of hex wrenches. If your multi-tool has a chain break, then ensure you have the correct chain link so that you can do the repair. 9. PhoneMost of us don’t go anywhere without our smartphones these days and mountain biking should be no exception. Obviously, you can call home in case of an emergency, but your phone is also a good way to navigate using the GPS or plan a route with one of the many available MTB apps. 10. Rain gearSometimes rain can roll in faster than the forecast predicted, so it’s always a good idea to stuff a packable rain jacket in your hydration pack. 11. SunscreenMake sure you’re prepared for the environment in which you’re riding. Heading out on dry and exposed trails? Pack some sunscreen and lip balm. 12. NutritionWhile not an essential for every ride, if you’re planning a longer session, it’s a good idea to put some type of nutrition in your pack. And always replenish before your body’s fuel tank runs low! 13. A gear bagA good gear bag helps you keep all of the above organised and ready to go every time you get to the trailhead. It also improves the post-ride cool down by giving you a spot to put sweaty or dirty items. The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel offers a variety of dedicated gear compartments to ensure you’re always ready to ride. 14. A good travel caseIf the trail involves some long distance travelling then choose a durable bike travel case that is tough on the outside and smart on the inside and allow you to transport your bike safely, securely and without hassle. Most bike cases are designed, built, and tested to withstand the stress and strain of modern travel and each case has rollers for easy handling and navigation when you’re on the go. Certain bike cases even have integrated work stands so that you can assemble your bike once you’ve reached your riding destination. It is important to ensure that your bike is compatible with the fork mount in the bike case. 14. Take the kids along for the rideThere’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and exploring nature with your little one, especially on a long ride. A child bike seat will allow you and your most treasured possessions to enjoy everyday bike rides, safely, easily and in style - it’s also an opportunity to introduce children to the joys of biking. www.thulestore.co.za
  10. Hi all TGIF! I'm looking to buy a towbar mounted bike rack (seems to be the overwhelming preference) and have been checking out the Thule EasyFold XT2. It's fairly pricey at R17999. Has anyone got one and would recommend it? I'm a little confused at all the various options in their range: VeloSpace, VeloCompact, EuroRide, etc. I need to carry max two mountain bikes (alu), or 1 road bike (carbon).The platform rack seems to be popular.The tilt feature is nice to access the bootI have a 13 pin connector on my two bar (but I see you can get 7 pin and vice versa).Other than that, I don't know much more about towbar bike racks. Thanks in advance for any input and/or suggestions!
  11. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to carry 5 or 6 bicycles plus gear on a double cab Toyota Hilux. My extended family are all into cycling and we have a few road trips planned around cycling. We would ideally want to be able to carry 5 bikes and 5 people all with their cycling gear and a weekend bag. A trailer is out of the equation as we do not have space to store it when not in use. I do have a 3 bicycle Thule rack however I prefer carrying two bikes on it. I saw this Hilux in picture on the road the other day and I think that it my be the answer to my problems. The Hilux had x4 bicycle roof rack carriers on the back of the bed on top of a hard top roll cover. I am considering replicating this as you can still use the back of the bakkie for safe storage plus using the tow bar and bicycle rack to carry the additional bicycles. My question is how do I go about replicating this? How to the cross bars on the bed of the bakkie connect to the roll top cover? Who should I go to for advice or is there an easier answer to my dilemma?
  12. Morning I have just bought a Thule VeloCompact 927. I can't get it to clamp onto the tow bar. I was using a EuroClassic 929 and have no no issues getting it on. I called Thule and they said that I must remove the plastic cover type thing under the handle as it restricts the handle movement. Without it it'll open more apparently. Can someone confirm if the plastic cover in the pic is the one that must be removed and if so how does it come off? Has anyone had this issue or have any other ideas? To me it doesn't look like the plastic 'cover' doesn't come off too easily.
  13. There is a range of accessories and cycling essentials to help with every aspect of your cycling. Here are our team’s top picks to ensure you have a great ride. Jamie Owen, marketing manager for Thule SA Thule Bike CarriersIf you’re wanting to cycle on distant roads or bike far from home through wild terrain, then a bike carrier is essential. Thule has a wide variety of bicycle carriers to fit your exact needs. Different types can be mounted on your roof, tow bar, load bin or on your trunk. If you already own a roof rack, a roof bike rack could be the simplest solution, however a tow bar mounted carrier is often easier to load and unload and suits heavier bikes. As a world-leader in bike racks for cars, Thule knows what is important: high-quality, stylish bike racks for professional racers as well as weekend warriors. All Thule’s products are thoroughly tested to ensure that your bikes are safe and secure during transportation. The Thule buyers guide will help you find the perfect option to suit your needs. The Thule Euroway G2 Bike Carrier is compact and lightweight and ideal for everyday use (there is 2 bike and 3 bike option). It’s easy to mount and adjust, thanks to the detachable bike arms and easily folds flat for simple storage. There are pump buckles with long wheel straps for easy fastening of wheels and you can lock the carrier (and the bikes into position) on the tow bar, as locks are included too. It also has a smart foot pedal tilt which enables you to access your boot whilst the carrier is mounted (even whilst bicycles are mounted). Thule Vital Hydration PacksWhether it’s on the road or mountain, the key is to stay well hydrated. A hydration pack is essential, especially if you’re planning a long day out. Choose a lightweight hydration pack that offers maximum comfort and ease of use during your cycle. The Thule Vital collection of lightweight hydration packs features smart solutions such as a hands-free ReTrakt magnetic hose return system and convenient jersey-style pockets for quick access to nutrition, clothing or tools without having to remove the pack. Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel BagEvery cyclist needs a bag for all their gear. The new Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel 55L is a purpose-built bag for dedicated cyclists and offers infinite organisation to house wearables and accessories from one ride to the next. Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Action Camera MountCapture your memories on your ride with the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Action Cam Mount that securely fits your action camera to your handlebar. This mount works best with GoPro® but will work with virtually any action camera. Best of all, the multiple handlebar mounting positions offer unobstructed recording while riding. Thule Child Bike SeatsTurn your cycling adventures into a family outing with a Thule child bike seat. There are front and rear mounted options that are safe and easy-to use so that you can share your passion for cycling with your little ones. Thule Pannier Bags and RacksIf you’re looking to take your cycling adventures further afield and turn them into a cycle tour then look no further than the Thule Tour rack and Thule Shield pannier bags which enable you to bring all your gear on your cycling journeys.
  14. With lockdown we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors, whether remote learning, zoom office meetings or just staying safe and away from crowds, so there really is no better feeling than getting back in the saddle and hitting the wide open road (or mountain, or trail) for a little time out and some fresh air. Click here to view the article
  15. We are dropping prices on selected Thule stock. Click on the banner above and get in touch to secure your unit.
  16. Hi guys. Has anyone got any suggestions on a roof rack carrier for a tandem? I know Thule make one but it is prohibitively expensive, R8k to R10K. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be welcome. Matt
  17. Hi guys, I have a question, and I am sure my fellow hubbers would conquered this issue before. I did not want to revive an old thread deadish thread, or highjack that thread, but I came from here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/55832-thule-roofrack-on-bakkie/page-3. Basicly I own a 2016 Toyota Hilux Double cab fitted with an Armidillo Auto Roll Top Cover. I own a Scott aspect 910 aluminium bike, which I had from 2014. Currently I simply open the cover and load the bike on the back with the front wheel over the tailgate with a blanket or so between the bike and the tailgate. I am planning to buy a new carbon dual suspension bike and do not feel like this is a viable option anymore. The Armidillo cover does not come with rails to attach a roofrack to, and it will necessitate drilling into the cover and my bakkie, which I would like to avoid if at all possible. I must add that I would exploit having the loadbars by fitting a rooftop tent also, so this option from Skitch is quite attractive: It seems like it would be possible to mount the rooftop tent in between the bikes still: Have anyone here mounted roofracks over the Armidillo cover before, and if so, what would be the best route to go. The rooftop tent is an added bonus, and bike safety take precedent in any event. What are you guys' thoughts on the roofrack over the Armidillo, and the best way to go about it?
  18. Hi Guys, I am interested in purchasing a bike trailer and would appreciate some input from cyclists who have used one of them. Thule has the Coaster; how will it deal with light off-roading? Are there any other brands/makes you can recommend?
  19. Does anyone perhaps have a spare middle arm for a Thule 3 bike carrier. Specifically the EuroWay G2. My neighbor lost his so I said I'd ask on here before he has to splash out.
  20. Hydration Backpacks The key to a great race is staying well hydrated. Whether it’s a road or mountain race a hydration backpack is essential, especially if it’s going to be a long race. Choose a lightweight hydration backpack that offers maximum comfort and ease of use during cycling. The Thule Vital collection of lightweight hydration backpacks features smart solutions such as a hands-free ReTrakt magnetic hose return system and convenient jersey-style pockets for quick access to nutrition, clothing or tools without having to remove the pack. Bike Carriers and Racks With a car bike rack, you can take your bike anywhere you want – quickly, easily and safely. The new and improved Thule Euroway G2 3 Bike Carrier is compact and lightweight and ideal for everyday use (for 3 bikes). It’s easy to mount and adjust, thanks to the detachable bike arms and folds flat easily for simple storage. It also tilts to provide boot access when bikes are mounted. There are pump buckles with long wheel straps for easy fastening of wheels and you can lock the carrier (and the bikes into position) on the toolbar, as locks are included too. Bike Travel Cases When you’re travelling from race to race a dependable bike travel case means you can also travel with peace of mind. With a choice of hard or soft cases, you and your bike can arrive at your destination ready to go. Look for rugged protection on the outside and smart, secure storage on the inside and look out for cases that have rollers for easy handling and navigation when you’re on the go. Thule’s sleek and durable bike travel cases are designed, built and tested to withstand the stress and strain of modern travel. Thule RoundTrip Transition Thule RoundTrip Pro Smartphone Bike Mount Get access to apps, navigation, music and more by mounting a smartphone to your bicycle handlebars. Ensure your phone is kept safe and that there is easy access to all ports and controls. Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Action Cam Mount Now you can capture the memories on your next race with the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Action Cam Mount that securely fits your action camera to your handlebar. This mount works best with GoPro® but will work with virtually any action camera. Best of all, the multiple handlebar mounting positions offer unobstructed recording while riding. A Good Backpack! Even if you’re not sure where the road’s going to lead you, you’ll need a quality backpack to get there. Ensure all your gear and valuables are safe and remember to try on a variety of options to find your perfect match. The new Thule Enroute BackPack includes the innovative SafeZone with rigid exterior and soft interior, that protects your phone, sunglasses and other valuables. You have quick access to smaller items through a zipped interior front pocket – ideal for your keys and cell phone, or your boarding pass at the airport. Thule EnRoute Triumph 2 Thule EnRoute Red Feather. Thule EnRoute Deep Teal.
  21. Hi Hubbers, Just looking to find out if anyone has installed an aftermarket Thule Fixed Towbar on a VW Golf (GTI) or any other car for that matter, & what is your thoughts on the product. I am looking for a solution to carry 2 bikes, and am against the roof racks & was advised against the hatch back carriers because the boot spoiler could get damaged. The Thule fitment center quoted me R3100 for the fixed tow bar & then R1200 for the 2 bike carrier, so all fitted R4300. My only concern was how it will look on the vehicle, as they would need to cut into the bottom of the bumper to install the tow bar. I've been told that I should maybe visit a Kwik fit etc, as it might be cheaper & they do the Bosal tow bars, but not sure as those ones may not look as good as the thule ones. Any thoughts, ideas, advise for me on this one. Thanks guys...
  22. Guys I see so many posts here on stolen bikes where guys say it was locked on a Thule rack. I only use Thule racks and so know how good/(bad) the locks are. I have never tried but I would guess 10 seconds with a large screw driver and a vice grip and that lock s gone. If you need to lock bike on racks and leave it, you really need to know the risk. What area are you in, is there passing foot traffic, is there car guards. I carry a very good very thick chain (encased in plastic Hose) in my car with a huge big great quality lock. EDIT this is attached while driving as I have heard about theft from racks while driving It takes a while longer and doesn't look cool, but if they want to saw, etc through that then let them try in traffic. At least I make an effort. BUT THULE LOCKS ARE A NO NO
  23. A comfortable, well-organised backpack is essential for anyone on the move. If your lifestyle demands mobility or you simply need to arrange your clutter, the Thule Crossover may be the ideal backpack for you. Click here to view the article
  24. While not explicitly marketed as such, I had this backpack marked as a do-it-all commuter backpack. By that I mean protected compartments for all your electronic devices, enough room to fit a clean set of clothes, shoes and lunch, durable construction, some rain protection, as well as comfort and stability. So everything really. Materials The Crossover is made from good quality materials. Giving the impression that it may just outlast the wearer. The outer layer is water resistant nylon. The plastic clips are far from flimsy while the pockets, made from the same tough fabric as the rest of the backpack, are firmly attached. On top of this, Thule back their workmanship with a 25 year warranty. Compartments The Crossover has 4 zipped compartments, each aiming to cater for a specific purpose. The rear compartment houses your laptop (up to 15" size) and tablet or ereader in padded sleeves. The padding is adequate and the sleeves hug the devices well. I was more than happy to toss this backpack over my shoulder without concern. There is also an unpadded sleeve where you can squeeze in some flat items, like note pads or books. The largest compartment in the centre of the backpack is deceptively roomy. Here I comfortably stowed my work clothes, including shoes, soap and lunch box, and just about anything else I needed for the day. Basically, the type of compartment every working commuter needs to keep themselves fresh in the office. There are also two netted pockets which are handy for holding charging adaptors. The front most compartment is where the OCD organiser will rejoice. There are numerous sleeves and pockets to snugly fit and organise smaller items. The SafeZone is the most compact compartment. The Safezone features a removeable crush-proof shell to protect fragile items such as electronic devices and sunglasses. I used this compartment to protect my sunglasses and cell phone during the test with complete confidence. Pockets There are three convenient shove-it pockets on the outside of the backpack. The central and largest pocket, which features a compression strap, was useful for quick storage and access. You simply shove things in there and tighten the strap and off you go. I used this pocket for everything, from stuffing in dirty riding gear to storing my cellphone and wallet. The outer two pockets are are useful for quick access. They work well with water bottles and tools but the smaller size and lack of compression strap or zip put me off using them for valuable items which, I felt, could potentially drop out. Handles There there are handles on the top and bottom of the backpack. While this might not sound too exciting, I found it to be invaluable when moving the backpack short distances. So much so that I will never get another backpack without similar handles. The handles were also useful to attach my helmet when the backpack was already full. Like the rest of the backpack, the material used to make these straps gave the impression of quality. Video demonstration For a better understanding of the layout and construction of the Crossover, watch the video below by Thule. Unfortunately we had no say on the soundtrack. Colours The Thule Crossover is available in two colour options: black or cobalt. The cobalt is a striking colour and probably not to everyone's tastes, especially if going for a professional look. I decided on the cobalt option in the hope that it would catch the attention of motorists better than a black backpack. The clips and zip linings all come in a matching colours while the zip handles are plasma green for easy identification. Comfort The build quality, design and storage of the Thule Crossover is excellent but how does it feel when worn? The shoulder straps are made from a firm but flexible foam and are covered in a rugged netting. Trying the backpack on for the first time, I was concerned that the straps were too rigid but after a few weeks of use the straps bedded in and became supple. Even with a full backpack, I felt no strain on my shoulders or back. The padding features a ridge down the middle to assist with cooling. This padding extends into the backpack to form part of the laptop sleeve protection. This means that you can feel the flat rigidity of the laptop through the padding but it was only a brief concern as it didn't seem to impact on comfort or stability of the backpack. A very important feature, for anyone wanting to use the Thule Crossover on a bicycle, is the chest strap. The chest strap goes a long way in reducing lateral movement of the backpack while riding. With the strap, I felt comfortable making sharp turns and looking over my shoulder. To ensure a good fit, the strap is adjustable in length and vertically using a rail system. Overall, using the Thule Crossover was a comfortable experience on and off the bike. Flaws Firstly, the SafeZone is not supported, so when the middle compartment is open it tends to fold into the backpack making it tricky to access this compartment. If you aren’t using the SafeZone, you can remedy this problem by removing the protective shell. The aluminium clip used for the compression strap of the stash pocket unclipped itself without warning a number of times. While the pocket remained relatively taut it is something worth keeping an eye on. Confusing compartments, sleeves and pockets. This is more of a indication of my own disorganisation but I struggled to find my stuff in the backpack. Either unzipping the wrong compartment or simply missing a sleeve or pocket. However, after a few weeks, I managed to get my head around it and started finding regular homes for my possessions. Pricing and Availability The recommend retail price for the Crossover is R1,899, making the purchasing of this backpack somewhat of an investment. If you're likely to use the backpack daily and want something that will last, you'll probably get your money's worth with the Crossover. Stockists of Thule bags can be found through the Thule dealer locator here. In the end The seemingly endless compartments, sleeves and pockets work very well once you get your head around their arrangement and designed purposes. In addition, the Crossover is comfortable to wear on and off a bicycle. I found the Thule Crossover to be a superb backpack that covers all your needs for daily commuting and other adventures.
  25. I'm looking for a plug and play bike rack for my Audi A1. I was told that Thule don't make a rack for my car. I really don't want to put a tow bar on my car just for my bike and also can't fit my 29" bike in the car even with the seats down. Any one got a solution? or anyone with an A1 got a bike rack that worked for them?
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