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  1. Lots of energy going into this Friday banter. Don't let up, Wade is coming soon.
  2. You're totally right, EXCEPT - facebook marketplace has comments 😧
  3. Resurrecting an ancient thread to ask what's probably a dumb question - are the 120 and 140 frames essentially the same, with small changes to stroke length or rockers or something along those lines? I rode both yesterday and was curious.
  4. Yes sir, after another *** experience with a seller in the east rand who promised me the bike was mine, refused to accept upfront payment or a deposit, and then kept delaying our meeting due to 'family affairs' before selling to someone else, and then another *** experience with a very active reseller on the west rand who told me his bike was in 'perfect conditon' except the shock was broken and needed a full overhaul and the fork stanchion had a chip in and etc etc etc ... you know how it goes. I agree, judging by your messages you are not nearly as forthright a buyer as you first made out and I have my popcorn ready for the rebuttals! 😇
  5. I didn't pay a deposit but made both verbal and written agreements, only to have sellers renege / block me / take higher offers etc etc. It's happened to me so many times that there is no chance I'm doing a deposit deal with anybody unless they have perfect 5 star ratings going back to the time of Moses. And even then you're taking chances.
  6. This kind of behaviour is endemic here, unfortunately. You'll find a surprisingly large percentage of users blaming you and not the seller. Oh well.
  7. Was looking for this myself recently. Unfortunately it seems that the technology to produce fine textiles from Merino is only available in China, so whatever we produce gets processed there regardless. Core makes a few nice things but it is not cheap. Icebreaker is another brand that makes Merino stuff, not local.
  8. I was just tugging your chain a bit (as one is obligated to on this forum). While this might be useful, I'd say it probably goes into the massive box labelled "useful ideas the mods will ignore"
  9. Why don't you just list everybody who is getting coal for Christmas here by name?
  10. Pricey? How else is this brilliant businessman going to ensure his profits? Resellers are crucial and necessary, assets to us all, please don't make fun of them.
  11. My 2 cents is that a 2.1" 650b tyre won't have the grip you'd ideally want for the kind of trail riding you seem to enjoy. So I'd rather stick to 26". Seems like you love the bike and that it works well for you, so why change?
  12. You don't understand, he is making a vital contribution to this community as well as being a brilliant businessman, we should be cheering on his efforts to sell a bicycle for a 300% profit!
  13. Judging by the price of the Cotics on offer, don't even bother with less than R20k
  14. This description reads like some tinder bios I've seen https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-mountain-bike-frames/489809/morewood-shova-st-work-of-art
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