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  1. any suggestions what the problem may be?
  2. Can someone tell me how to replace the LED on my Cantauri 1000 rechargeable light as i have no idea how to access the LED? The light went dead on my ride while the battery is fully charged, i assume the LED must have gone.
  3. Ja, i normally stay in a guest house on VA, unfortunately no pool or gym, but was warned to to go run along the beachfront as they may discover your body some days later. Lagos is a weard place, there are no compassion for others, if you get killed next to the road they leave you there, nobody will touch you. Sies man!!
  4. I'll be in Dar next week, will most likely be there once a month
  5. Great advice, i'll take the ipod and running shoes, i gues it is about dicsipline, eat right and stay focussed
  6. I'm traveling into Africa oftern and find it tough to stay motivated and stick to regular training, I love my MTB but is unable to train regularry, any advice out there? I travel to Lagos and Dar es Salaam how to stay fit?
  7. any exiting MTB rides happening in PE this weekend?
  8. For those that did the Stormsriver traverse, i'm sure you are gelad you were there. mud, ave temp of 5degrees on day 1, more mud, wind and rain, and yes, it was still better than a good day in the office!!! Great race and well organised.
  9. After 17 years of good service form my Giant ATX 870, i've come to the desition to replace my bike as old faithfull has reached the end of the road. I'm thinking of buying a second-hand Anthem X Advanced. Would this be a good replacment bike and what should i pay on average?
  10. Thanks chaps, i'll register on fattracks and get active, december was toooooo long and 2011 has tomuch nice challenges, have to get fit.
  11. What is currently happening with MTB group rides in PE?
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