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Found 18 results

  1. My father-in-law has recently purchased a holiday house in Pringle Bay, I can see myself spending a good few weekends there, any trails worth checking out in the area?
  2. has anyone cycled (solo) from durbanville to philadelphia? if so, what’s the safest route?
  3. Good day everyone, Hope you are all well and getting pumped for those holiday rides. I am going away to Ballots Bay (by George) and Noetzie (by Knysna) this December (2021), and I have planned a few possible routes to do on my gravel bike, but in terms of safety, I’m not sure about any of them. I will be cycling alone, unless anyone wants to meet up and join me (send me a DM and we can see if we can arrange something). Could anyone tell me what routes listed below are best, and if there are any other routes I could maybe look into. Route: From Ballots Bay to Wilderness: https://www.strava.com/routes/2881620904960023052 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 1: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886926504172100228 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 2: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886949716579436164 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 3: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886975249377243920 Route: Ballots Bay to Knysna Heads Route 4: https://www.strava.com/routes/2894679346089661106 Route: Ballots Bay to Harold’s Bay: https://www.strava.com/routes/2887331328237224382 Route: Riding around Noetzie Tree Plantations: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886634106250838660 Route: Noetzie to Plett: https://www.strava.com/routes/2886978934725230212 Thanks, Kevin
  4. Hoping to get some help here. I've googled around and can't find the exact thing, but I'm guessing if it's possible someone on here would have figured out how. The problem: I want to be able to view WHERE I am on an elevation profile for a certain route - quite practically, I've often done (Mtb) races and pulled out my phone to look at the elevation map, cross that to how many km's we've done, and been able to go "OK, looks like we have that x big climb left", or "we're this far now into that hard piece" etc. I'm wondering if somehow, using the EDGE 520's segments or route profiles, you can load a race's route before the ride and be able to map yourself during it on the unit itself. i.e. on one of your data screens, have some version of the 'total' race and be able to track yourself on it.
  5. Yes, I just made up a word. Gravelable (adj) - Suitable for pleasant traverse on either a gravel or standard road machine, equipped with rubber exceeding 28 metric millimeters. I was planning a ride from Glentana (George) to Natures Valley. While scouring maps for a possible route that does not involve perishing on the N2, I saw something called the "Seven Passes Road". It looks pretty spectacular, consisting of tar and untarred sections. My question is, does anyone know if these roads are MTB type gravel, or gravel type gravel? I would love to slap on my 28's and have a crack at it. I am just not keen on heave corrugations which will undo the dental work I had done as a child. Any local knowledge would be much appreciated! The route I am talking about can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/maps/9akgRySrfqH2
  6. Hi all. I'm new to the group. I'm currently cycle touring around South Africa and hoping that maybe someone has done a similar ride. I'm looking for a route from Johannesburg to Durban and plan to cycle it over a few days, I have found a few and have made some but not sure what they will be like and if the areas they go through are safe or not, it needs to be an alternative to the N3 as its very dangerous and I think its illegal to ride on highways here. I don't mind any distance, dirt roads, hills etc, if they include camping spots along the way then thats awesome to or I will find places to camp. I will be riding with a loaded bike and will have all my camping gear with me. Thanks for any advice, it will be highly appreciated.
  7. Hi All, Does anyone know where to find the route details for the Epic? I want to start planning around nutrition etc, but need to know where the water points etc are for the various stages.
  8. Hi all, I need some information for a training ride this coming Saturday. Unfortunately I'm riding solo, so I need to know if one of these will be safe enough to ride, considering traffic and general safety? All the routes lead from Wonderboom South, Pta. R101 North (Old Jhb road) R513 West (Old Brits road) R515 West (van der Hoff road) R55 South towards Sandton R573 North (Moloto road) R513 East towards Cullinan I plan on riding around 75km, and doing that through the suburbs instead of more open road, and having to stop at every 2nd street will take forever. I would appreciate any info on these routes or other routes as a suggestion.
  9. Good morning all, Did anyone here cycle between PE and Grahamstown? Any safe back roads? If anyone can assist with a GPX file. Thanks
  10. Hi all. Will be doing a ride this Saturday 9 June 2018 from the Dros in Krugersdorp (opposite Key West Shopping Center) to the Spar in Magaliesburg. Problem is i know of a route to Magaliesburg (approx 45km's thanks to the Dros Flyers) but not sure how to get back to Krugersdorp without backtracking or going through private land / property. I've attached the GPX file that gets me from Krugersdorp to Magaliesburg, can anyone recommend a route back? Approx 45km's if possible (so total for the day 90km's). Thanks Duane route3509130-Krugersdorp_-_Magaliesburg.gpx
  11. Hi We would like to do a multi-day mountain bike ride in the Western Cape, but non-circular. So start point A and end up point B. Had a look at the capecycleroutes.co.za but does not really look like proper mountain bike riding (ideally would like some single track, jeep track, technical downhills etc). Any recommendations would be really appreciated? Thanks Jaco
  12. Hi guys I'm just writing to request a bit of help I'm currently residing in the UK but I am moving back to South Africa in 2018 I've recently set up a charity to work with ex-offenders and I have a few meetings in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town between January and February. I am looking at cycling from Johannesburg to Cape Town via Durban to get to these meetings. I was just wondering whether you'd be able to help me with the best routes possible for both on and offroad I would really appreciate it as I am planning on doing these rides to raise an awareness of the charity, its objectives as well as raising funds thank you in advance Brian
  13. Hi, Wonder if anybody has done this ride before, or could shed some light on which roads would be the best to take and avoid. My mate is turning 30 and has always wanted to cycle to langebaan. Seeing he is the one that got me into cycling, I thought there is no better way to celebrate than to make this a reality for him. Starting point: Vida Durbanville - Middle Ville Centre, Wellington Rd, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550 Finish: Langebaan - On Tac Beach, Corner of Bree and Beach Road, 8 Main Jacoba, Langebaan, 7357 We will have a support vehicle following us. Thanks in advance.
  14. This is my opinion, so feel free to disagree…But I think the 2017 Cape Epic route sucks… You are doing the Wine to whales backwards 2 and half times.... I understand that it is logistically much easier for the organizers to camp out in one spot and have the riders go round in circles . The entry fee is astronomical and the amount of riders and sponsors have multiplied three-fold since the Knysna years…So funds cannot be the problem …more riders more responsibility, I get it, but for heaven’s sake make it more interesting. Riding one wheat field to the next wheat field....Boring! What I loved about the other and earlier Epic races was the change of scenery and landscape. Been able to say I went from A to B and it took me 8 very hard days crossing various areas and terrain….not A-bbbbbb-C That’s why the Tour de France have been such a huge success for so many years. Yes having live broadcasting helps , but the Idea of crossing so many borders and areas is what fascinates people. Its the emperor's new clothes story ---everyone love the Epic, me to...but this route suck for what you are paying. Maybe I am just pissed that I will have to spend my yearly income on a race that is held on a track that I can go ride for R50 per day all year round…(I am not racing in 2017) So please Mr Cape Epic route decider dude, for 2018 MIX IT UP A BIT….
  15. Hi Looking for a route from krugersdorp to parys thru carton vile. Can anyone suggest a route or map.
  16. The seventh edition of the Cape Pioneer Trek international mountain bike stage race in South Africa sees significant changes, including a point-to-point format, a coastal start in Mossel Bay and back-to-back ascents of the formidable Swartberg Pass. Click here to view the article
  17. Does anybody know where to find the route profile of the MTB leg of this year's Wartrial?
  18. Both local and international mountain biking enthusiasts will be taking on the demanding eight day Absa Cape Epic of 718km with 14 850m of climbing during next year’s event. With its unexplored landscapes, the stage locations of Robertson, Greyton and Oak Valley Wine estate await the most prestigious mountain bike stage race in the world, before riders again finish at the Lourensford Wine Estate. Click here to view the article
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