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  1. Thanks, well said. Those comments made me feel properly creeped out. How do the fathers here feel if a group of men were talking about "queuing up to hug their daughter"?
  2. My mom has a pocket watch which belonged to her great uncle - a 1908 IWC. Pocket watches are not that useful and she had had it serviced but it has sat in a box in a drawer for years. I came across the Houtbay Watch Co - they convert pocket watches into wrist watches. This is how my mom's watch turned out.
  3. Finally got around to getting a strap made, thanks for the suggestion re Belt and Band. Now just waiting for SAPO to deliver a vintage dial which I got on ebay - to replace the missing star on my Constellation. Quite a rabbit hole vintage watches, got a few projects in the pipeline which I will post when they are done.
  4. The manager/owner did come join the salesman and myself while having this discussion. He was the one who said the I won't enjoy the Stumpjumper on the climbs, not a great way to sell a bike. No Stumpjumper floor model or demo was available but I was repeatedly told to take the Evo for a test ride. I suspect a lack of stock is why the Evo was being pushed over a Stumpjumper.
  5. It has far exceeded expectations Pros: way more confidence on technical trails, this is backed up by strata times which are quicker. It climbs very well (running a 140mm fork). You can't stop smiling when riding it - it is just crazy fun. Cons: The price (but I would buy it again given the choice). Cleaning the drivetrain is a mission I just can't get brushes into some parts of the suspension.
  6. November 2020 I walk into Specialized store Me: "I want to buy a Stumpjumper" Salesman: "You want to buy an Epic Evo" Me: "but I have an Epic you sold me 3 years ago" Salesman: "that Epic is old technology. Also you won't be able to pedal stumpjumper uphill as well as the Evo" Me: "but I want a 140mm trail bike as well as my marathon bike" Salesman: "you want an Epic Evo" My purchase December 2020: Evil the Following Now I realise the Evo is a fantastic "one bike to rule them all" but I like my different bikes for different trails. I really wanted to buy a Stumpjumper, they just wouldn't sell one to me!
  7. Anyone want a fenix 1 before I take it to electronic recycling? Strap broken and charger clip broken, does still switch on. Last used about 2 years ago. Collect in Southern Suburbs. EDIT - TAKEN, glad it found a new home
  8. Naturehike cloud up, it is almost an exact copy of one the lightweight MSR tents but half the price. Mine has done 3 weeks 4x4 camping in Botswana, multiple overnight hikes and one bikepacking trip, still looks new (very lightweight with delicate fabric but so far so good). Fits 2 of us medium sized ladies fine, not much spare space for wine though.
  9. This campsite was spectacular, I just can't remember it's name (NC_LURKER will know) near Op Die Berg
  10. Clever friends you have! (sorry Algeria camp was so freezing cold ????). Warm sleeping bags are worth the extra space/ weight, they do however take up valuable red wine space.
  11. I will, for sure wear it, it is really lovely and amazingly looks quite contemporary. Only problem is, it looks like the little star, which should be below the word "constellation", is missing. It probably came off when the glass was off for all those years. I may get a watch maker to source a replacement. The dial also has a fair amount of petina on it but that is on keeping with its age, I can live with that.
  12. I was worried about not being able to shorten the stretch bracelet, is it acceptable to change the strap on a vintage watch? The bracelet is a rather scratched, my mom wore the watch for years until the face fell off, a leather strap would be lovely. It has been sitting in a drawer for for the last decade, she had it repaired for my "increasing decade" birthday.
  13. I was given this Omega Constellation as a birthday gift from my parents. It belonged to my great uncle, he was given it as a retirement gift in, we think, the early 80s. Really nice that a men's watch is so feminine, just need to get the strap made a bit smaller.
  14. Credit to Lyne Components, they replied to my email and have sent me a replacement multitool. Dayle seems to think the rust on the multitool was extreme and is sending the pictures to their factory. He thinks it is possibly a surface treatment issue.
  15. @Jewbacca I agree it was probably not the ideal way to treat it. The lyne tool is actually on my mom's mtb (mother's day present - that's how I remember it was purchased in May!) She lives in Bergvliet and that bike is almost exclusively used at their holiday house at Breede river (she does ride down to infanta so it does get some sea air). However, compare that to my Specialized swat tool which lives in Lakeside, on a bike that gets ridden almost weekly and was purchased in 2016. It looks like this: I did email Lyne with some pics but I have not heard back from them. I wanted to know if I could just buy a replacement tool without the holder. This is so far rusted I don't know if it is salvageable, I will try some electrical spray. I think for anyone owning a lyne multitool just look after it a bit more carefully.
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