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  1. Seems like he thought the ramp was 'only removed for the test event' and not 'they removed it at the test event after the practice so logically they are going to do that now. How did your manger, team mate and everyone else know this????'.
  2. Maybe the 'dual' part is that there is a squishy bit on both legs of the fork. 🤗
  3. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/485312/transition-patrol Pretty sure that was only ever a 27.5 in 2016
  4. I thought he's said Tipcock. Almost spat my coffee over the screen. MVDP's OTB was classic. I now know what it's like to feel like a olympian today. Done that once or twice. The course was a classic. If that were around Cape Town okes would be dragging 160mm enduro rigs and full helmets to the drop in.
  5. Shame for Nino, stoked for Alan. Kept forgetting Piddock was side swiped by a driver and had a stuffed CB a short time ago. That was a decent hit o him and his bike as well. Even more impressive.
  6. Hell of a ride by Piddock! So killed in cycloX, been successful on the road, crushed the XC today. What's next? Tilt at the DH WC, an epic and then goes full BMX. 😆
  7. He's a kiwi, he's about the only commentator that is about for them. No idea how he scored the olympic job and we're having to listen to it! Man had to keep turning the sound off. He's like the manager in Flight of the Concordes. Unreal. He was the same for the Cricket World Cup for Kiwis vs the english just buthchers everything. "Rich'ard Carapaz... or as they say on the continent Richard Carapaz" - Pure Gold. Loved how he missed that Carapaz came 3rd in the Tour this year and has won the Giro and kept reeling off his giro stage wins and his Tour Du Swiss result this year.
  8. Thanks for the info. Can't see you guys doing anything but getting stronger for next season. Will be a great watching so many good riders hamming it out for the next few years. Viviani back to QS... I thought that was Patrick giving good copy to the papers. I wonder what the pathway is for Cav'. Amazing story this year but what will happen to the results when Bennett, Ewan and co are back in the tour? He needs one for the tour record, is that that publicity worth the rest of the contract that surely must come ow after QS brought him back to life? Plapp looks a good prospect for sure. Another one into the ineos machine. Hope that is the right move for him.
  9. Slightly wilder rumours... - George Bennett to UAE (?!?) - Vlasov to Ineos - Fuglsang to Cofidis - Viviani to Eolo-Kometa - Laporte to Jumbo - Ackerman to UAE - Sam Bennett to Bora (or as one report has said... Ineos!) - Almeida to Bora / UAE - Sagan to Direct Energie - Ivan Sosa to Movistar - Pacher to FDJ
  10. Looks like all those rumours are starting to firm up. - Chaves to EF - Higuita to Bora - Jai Hindly to DSM Bora - Plapp to Ineos - Lotte Kopecky to SD Worx - Degenkolb to DSM Rumours (would be good to hear how wildly off the mark the UAE ones are from our very own Emirates insider): - Rohan Dennis to Jumbo - Nibali to Astana - Tolhoek to Trek - Kristoff to Intermarche or Total DirectEnergies - Marc Soler to UAE (will be missed from the Movistar doco's) - De La Cruz to Movistar - Hodeg to UAE - Coquard to Cofidis
  11. Just watched the sprint again and the way Mørkøv left Ballerini’s wheel because it was too early and forced someone else to take the gap was unreal in that pressured situation. He is such a master. Wonder if any journalist is brave enough to try for an interview with Bennett at the moment.
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