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  1. Hey there Eeyore, had a bad day? Need a hug to find the meaning in it all? I'm sure there is a soccer mom with very positive text based post on facebook that will show you joy in the world.
  2. And now I have hope on all my bikes! Killer bees to the front.
  3. Hand made apparently. I've always had a soft spot for AMC, their wheels were awesome and kept me very happy on Alu (road and dirt) when the world was going carbon crazy. I'm very stoked that they are back in the game even if it is minus the main man. Was a bummer when they went bust (And I could get any deals on any NOS). Remembering feeling like a legend with those smoking gun rims and everyone scoffing about wide rims. Admittedly they didn't like alot of the trails on the black end of the spectrum. Good to know they have their head on right and seem to be offering tan sidewalls on all their gravel tyres. Cycling news also ran a feature (or press release). https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/american-classic-launches-a-brand-new-road-and-tyre-line-in-the-us/
  4. I've always found SLX and Deore brakes always worked so much better than XT and I've never understood why they have always seems to have issue with XT models.
  5. Geraint Thomas News: Contract negotiations with Ineos Grenadiers still ongoing as Qhubeka-NextHash emerge as possible alternative.
  6. is that the technical term? 'To grow on'. I'm not sure I've ever thought about it but is is 'grows on' / 'grows from' or, realistically, 'grows out of' but the last one seems a bit creepy. 🤨
  7. Unlike the W2W crew. They don't tell you, nothing so crass. They just wear the W2W jersey when on the on the dirt bike, the spare jersey on the road bike, the tee to the braai, the soft-shell all winter, the buff when running, the spare tee to the do the shopping, the sock to pick up the kids from schoo, the bag to the gym... 😝
  8. After wondering the same thing I got a load of core stuff in a sale as it was about 60% off and was quite sceptical to pay full price. After having kit for a while now I can say it's 110% worth it. One thing to look out for is the % of Merino in the mix of the fabric. I bought some Fjern Merino tops from the UK and the mix is under 55% actual Merino and that makes a big difference in the longevity and quality of the item.
  9. The epic knight will take a while looking for his best model horse, find some where to park his camper and horse box, get the horse a full massage, wait for his mate to finish the same and then ride out for the contest. The Munga rider will get a very reliable nag with alot of saddle bags but won't make it to the contest as he's still got 300km to finish, hasn't had any sleep and the lance was ditched in favour of a survival blanket that weighed far less and doubled as a tent, rain cape, poncho, mirror, water carrier and general friend / therapist for the journey.
  10. I thought the yanks bought out the Iron Man Group in 2020 off the Chinese and took the Epic in that whole deal. Could be wrong tho. Edit: opps didn't read to the end of the fred. See it's been confirmed.
  11. So that is the majority already and being owned by an international company that will only be more. It's a US owned company now and part of a larger group also having worked for US companies and knowing the corporate culture the focus will be squarely on the international market. It's the only thing that matters. It's got the Hors Categorie from the UCI, it's part of the 'Epic Series Global MTB' and even when they launched the 'Africa's Untamed' tag line that was not for South Africans... it's in the western cape, not middle of Angola. Yeah it's a hell of a ride / race but that is selling to an international audience. My point was rather that the event is being pitched at getting more overseas riders rather than there is more overseas riders but it seems to be going that way already.
  12. Many reasons. From it being a bucket list goal through to just because. Same as how can you justify a GWagon over and normal SUV. Because you can afford it and you like what it's offering for you. To be honest I'd say most of the epic is now being pitched at international markets because with the exchange rates it's still a good value life goal and a tick list item that is billed as the 'Tour De France of Mountain Biking'. It is in Africa and that still holds status as a dream destination for many people, you can combine with an amazing family holiday after you bro-cation on bikes, it's a unique place to ride in a world famous race, it' exclusive and gives people the chance (illusion or not) to test themselves on the same terrain, at the same time with the pros and be part of that bubble for a while. A week on the indies trader all in is going for around R85,000 odd I think at the moment before flights, boards etc.
  13. Core stuff is great. I've got a fair few older long sleeve t-shirts but in the heavier knit before they went thin and they are awesome. I have their Have them on rotation almost all winter and they are brilliant. I did talk to them quite seriously about making mtb / gravel kit like Mons Royale do but that died out over lockdown / covid. I've also got alot of stuff from Aus' and the UK. Places like Patagonia and Fjallraven have alot of Merino in there range but it's not a local producer. Outdoor warehouse do icebreaker and Decathalon do quite a bit of Merino and even Woolies have a few select pieces. I'm guessing Cape Union would have a few bits aswell. Other local guys are Runderwear who do a couple of tees / baselayers. Covita do a cycling specific base layer. Vertigo gear have a few pieces. There was a company that was cape town based that did some of their own kit, they had a pretty dodgy logo of the table mountain plastered on everything but I think they might have been a victim of the pandemic as I couldn't find them when I had a quick look.
  14. Seems GreenEdge have gone a bit off the tracks since that Manuela Foundation debacle and then there was a house clearing by Gerry Ryan in management after that. Seems the introduction of Copeland and McQuaid, the salary cutting, riders they've let go / missed developing and signing of Bling has seen them go backwards in terms of team and strategy. Might not be a popular opinion here because he's from here but Copland wasn't exactly kicking down doors when he was at Bahrain either.
  15. I think Yates was the last holder of the Vuelta one back in '18 when it used to be the white jersey. Personally I used to love the old Tour combination one not sure why they ditched that.
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