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  1. Jeep track is graded & clear. Single-track on the lake side of Modders is fine, but elsewhere it's overgrown in places. Didn't clock the arrows as I was the only one in there that I could see. Long-crested eagles still there.
  2. I had comms with Tacx over this just before lockdown when i wanted to get my I-Magic going again. Basically, you can't - it's not supported, the only way is if it's already running and you keep it going on the same computer. I have codes etc but they told me i can't transfer them to a new machine. It's fair enough I guess, the technology is well outdated now. They thought I was in Europe and offered a 20% discount on the new equivalent. When they worked out i was in SA, the deal was to take the old unit to Cycle Lab who would send it to them and they would determine a discount on a new unit. I have yet to try this as pre-lockdown the price was R5,500 but the Rand fell quite a bit so I dont know if i want a new one now esp with lockdown eased. Also there is no stock in the country in or even a prospective date of arrival. I saw Tacx are taken over by Garmin & the customer service was MUCH better with Tacx - they were overly helpful and fun, Garmin are pretty sucky, slow and officious by comparison.
  3. Great to find this thread and confirm Modders is open again & the heads-up that the multi-ticket I've used 2 entries of isn't valid (the guy purposely didn't stamp it when i bought it, so that's 3 entries). Also nice to see same names, same viewpoints. Fair enough to be pissed at the scam move, just lucky it's not a big amount. Will head over tomorrow, maybe the blue cranes will be there.
  4. Evolution moves slower than our lifestyle changes, which is one reason why stress kills sedentary workers who are not being chased by dinosaurs and similar.
  5. Brother in law in Nairobi is looking for sealant and i said he can make his own as i saw a thread on here about it. Can anyone remember where it is, i cant find it - or; How do you make your own - i seem to remember it was diesel and latex, bicarbonate of soda and the yolk of a yak egg.... but couldnt swear to it. Thanks Of course if you know of a slime shop in NBO it would save a hassle or two.
  6. "Hornswoggled"? You are going to fit in just fine around here.
  7. You might want to re-word this so that people can get the details more easily. Sounds interesting, just difficult to make out.
  8. I think you will be more of a target on a bicycle, why not just move with the crowd and blend in - safety in numbers.
  9. Well he would say that wouldn't he? Numbers have always been steady for this one - nice race. 1st one went up towards Oliphantsfontein and down Allendale Road - circling Thembisa and back past Simba chips. Bit of traffic and they didn't try it that way again.
  10. April 1st? Love this: "guided Segway birding tours on Sunday mornings" And this " "Mountain biking is seen as 'the new golf', and users should not have any trouble coming up with the cash" - management said" Methinks this is a little, tiny bit of fact and a lot of wind-up.
  11. That sure does suck the joy out of things.... ....and that's me speaking as a CA.
  12. +/- 200 a year if I remember the stats correctly
  13. Urban Dictionary: Yarpiewww.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=YarpieCached SimilarInsulting term for white South Africans, particularly uncouth, rural........
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