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  1. Hello all I've recently moved to Scottburgh and looking to ride some trails/routes/roads whatever is available. I can see through Google that there are quite a few paid for trails but wondering if anyone knew of some free routes around the area? I'm a bit skint at the moment and until I get a job I am just looking for somewhere to ride thats not on the road! Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm sorry but this is bit naive. Just scroll down the safety forum and see all the muggings and bike hijackings. Often times when someone is trying to stop you its because they want your valuables and they are willing to stab you for it. That is the reality. Also note that I have not mentioned race at all so theres no need to label me a racist
  3. Thanks everyone for advise! I knew that if it would actually work everyone would be doing it. I'll stick to a road frame methinks.
  4. Man that is a sexy sexy bike. Edit: I realise I dont know how to quote I meant the Trance 29 3.
  5. So I have watched at least 3 youtube videos and am now convinced I can build up my own road bike as I'm basically an internet expert. Having looked at a number of frames I really like the look of some of the TT/tri bike frames and then I started wondering. Please correct me if I'm wrong but TT bikes tend to have a higher seat tube angle, upwards of 76 or 77 degrees and my understanding is that this gives you better drive on the flats. So is there any benefit for Frankensteining a TT frame with Road Bike components and in so doing winning the 947? I assume the higher seat tube angle might make climbing harder but since I push my bike uphill it wont really worry me. Excuse the joking this is actually a serious question and I would really appreciate any advice. I assume there will be several issues or else this would have been done before?
  6. Oh wow this is great I'll check out Joes Auto! Thanks for the advice!
  7. Great tips thanks all. There are a few body shops around blairgowrie I'll try them out! I was originally looking for spray cans but the range is so limited. I have access to a spray gun though so this is the ticket!
  8. Hi so I have a carbon frame that I want to repaint. Obviously the best bet is to get it professionally done but the quotes Ive got have all been way too expensive for me now. They have all been between R3500- R5000 and I dont have that kind of money so its not an option at all. I have seen some good online DIY videos and am keen to have a go myself. The only problem is finding epoxy spray paint. Builders have a few cans of rustoleum appliance epoxy but the range is very limited. Does anyone know of a place in gauteng that actually has a good selection or even if there is an online option? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks guys thats what I'm going to try. Also thanks for the direction advice I may have been trying clockwise
  10. I have a GT Karokum, nothing fancy but im in dullstroom and wanting to do some rides. There is no bike shop open (that I'm aware of). Using bush mechanics I've managed to removed the crank arm (I wont explain how it wasnt pretty) but now I'm stuck with the shim (I think thats what its called). Its the multi toothed inner ring that I need to unscrew to get the BB out. Now obviously I dont have a tool for this so does anyone have an idea of how to remove this without the tool. Pic attached below. Thanks in advance!
  11. I love weather posts. I check Yr weather 7 to 8 times a day That headwind on the M1 makes finding a good group quite important. Checking windsock from the race last year there was 5m/s headwind by the time I went down the M1.
  12. If Youre coming all the way from Durbs I'm sure its worth finding a nice spot and supporting everyone. It will be a fun experience I'm sure. Haccs's suggestion sounds like the best. Running clubs are fun!
  13. This is very interesting and sobering! I didnt think of doing this thanks for posting it. I'm hoping for a (very) good day and some like minded people!
  14. I've got my earliest start in I at 6:51. Really chuffed as thats an hour earlier than last year. Anyone who has started in that area before do you know if its likely that a good group will form or is it a free for all like in the later starts? Really hoping for a sub 3...might be a bit optimistic though.
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