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  1. Hey Guys, Can the ROX 10 download pre planned routes like for Berg and Bush? What is the battery life like... we're going to need a minimum or 8hrs... regards
  2. For those who have done this B&B event, how tough is it really? there is the scenario- Say that i have been trying to ride the B&B for 6 years now... twice finances ruined me and 4 times i got flu right before.... fast forward a year and i managed to get an entry into the Descent after being on the waiting list for a long... long... while... so much of length that i in fact neglected to train... at all.... Current fitness is at about 25%... i can handle an easy ride but nothings hectic We did the subs and hey-ho shama-lang we IN!!! That was 19/20 September... 21 September the itchy-scratchy throat/ Post Nasal began and now i have a Head cold and tight chest of NOTE!!! i actually want to cry..... SO.... the question to those who have ridden the 3 day gig.... Will i be ok? Coming of the back of flu and zero/two weeks training...
  3. Where can i get one of these? regards
  4. Its believable!!! Well- done done guys!!!
  5. I had a 26er anthem 18. then bought a DS Anthem 29er medium (18). Sold it and got an HT XTC 29er Large (20) The XTC is a MUCH better fit.... i have a more "racy" fit and my lower back pain is gone. not sure if the HT has anything to do with it but i feel MUCH more comfy and have allot more control over the Medium Anthem. me 2c worth
  6. i have about 15kg of lard i can shed.... i've always been heavy, in matric i was no where near fat , 9% body fat and still weighed 102kgs!!! so even at my "best" i was over the 100kg's! just destined to be heavy i guess... but i will check out for a 2nd hand- my only issue with that is that if something does brake i have no warranty... and no "advice before i buy" most private sellers will say it will hole me and the a face plant! and no comebacks. at least with a new bike i bet the back up of the manufacture.....??
  7. So... i did the 94.7 on my mountain Bike and right there i decided that i NEED a road bike for these events.... but i have never ridden a road bike (besides our tandem). I'm 6'1- fat (115kg's) and not very fit.... (4 hour 94.7 on MTB) What would be the best road bike for me to ride long rides with- i will never win any races and wont try- but just want to try ride as best i can. i have a budget of about 10-12K thanks chaps! much appreciated! regards.
  8. I did the 55km for the 2nd and last time.... will not be back at the 94.7 again! who ever made this course and included that rocky decent for a "family" ride was just either stupid or thought it would be funny! i was lucky i got there before the bottleneck and rode it. how was that drop off at the bottom?!! that was a very tricky, rocky and loose section.... in a way its good people walked it because if some people rode it they would have come short on those sharp Pellendaba rocks!!
  9. RIP! condolences to the family and especially to her kids....
  10. Thanks Dude. glad it worked out for you!
  11. Hmmmmmm..... all this hope talk is making me itch.....
  12. Well yeah, i am a big chap and i do go fast when i can... so do need all the help i can get..... ill give it a few more km's and see....
  13. think ill just stay with the XT's then... if i dont come right with what is on now, i will change out ot the bigger rotors and have the breaks serviced and that'll do it im sure! ??
  14. What is a Fair price for a set of XT's that has done 40km? how does HOPE compare?
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