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  1. HI Danger Dassie. Keen to go and explore with mates but cant fins a route on strava. Are you able to share a file or something?
  2. HI all. Just checking with those who did this ride. How technical is the 40km? reason, i busted my elbow to a lot of jarring ect will not go well.
  3. Hi François..you are such a inspiration. I dont frequent the hub much but do check in every so often on you specifically. I am sorry for all you are going through. I hope you really enjoy your trip Ive made a transfer to your account amd hope it helps in any way whatso ever. Strongs mate
  4. Hi my kit bag with helmet and shoes etc was removed from my car. I suspect at the Bryanston pikitup dumping facility when they unpacked my car. I badly want my shoes back. There are only two pairs like this around. My name “annie” written on them.
  5. Guys this is shocking. Medical bills will be scary. From my side i just wonder what assistance he needs. I am Short time long cash (not really but for the right course...) can we get someting going? Anybody who has the time i am in for 5k.
  6. Its the saddle. And one cant recommend a specific saddle because everybody is diffirent. The result is i have a garage full of expensive saddles and finally settled on fzik luce (after 10 years trial and error). If you live in joburg area you are welcome to let her test some of my collection!
  7. What is that wire going up his seat post?
  8. Do you take existing shoes and paintvthem?
  9. I go there for open water training. Despite all the negative noise a lot of upgrading of facilities. Not sure what the trails are like but see many riders. Nit cheap tho.
  10. You have a point and to be honest when i was on thinners never thought ( perhaps wrongfully so) of it from a medics pow (the trouble i may put them thru) i have considered the additional risk on myself (the issues you mentioned above) and made the decision that i did. What is scary when catting about my "event" i realised how many cyclist are actually on blood thinners and ride, thinking some people may need to take for life and wont stop riding, however right or wrong it is. On another note, whatvarebyour views of scuba diving after a PE once off thinners?
  11. 20 mg xeralto no anti agents.. I carries some special plasters along thats stops bleeding. Just in acse
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