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  1. Surprised entries still open??? Is it worth my while?
  2. WTF, Froome laying down the law, Yellow from the start!
  3. Want to get a set. Is this a good road wheel?
  4. After the last fall..., I don't think money is option; probably in R3K range; not sure what they going for these days; Anything better than the Rudy Project Zuma Helmet
  5. Hi guys, Please advise the best place to get a new helmet (road biking). thx
  6. Great race, and always one of my fastest times. Started in CL group, they kept the tempo up from the start; then we had a massive crash, two guys in front went down, then person right front could do nothing but went straight over, I braked and narrowly missed him but went into opposite side of road with car approaching; heads up to guys shouting to avoid it; as I looked back, I saw lots of riders smashing into previous guys. Race proceeded well; then felt strong at about 60km mark and found myself two guys from front (won't attempt this again); almost got dropped; don't know were got strength but kept on; drag over highway always my nemesis; luckily it was down hill after that; kept in bunch; right to end and guys started opening up; respectable 2:46. RIP fellow cyclist.
  7. Same here, have done before, and got sms after race (previoulsy), but no sms lately; on website I am there
  8. So they don't send sms anymore for this race. As stated previous post, you can get this information on their website. Is this right?
  9. EL bunch was just cruising along. A few tandems pass, and no one followed. At last 10km, decided this was it, and let rip, and 3 other guys followed, way before the bunch. Some nice muscling our way forward. Well done guys.
  10. So this race is on Saturday??? Is this right?
  11. What do you guys think of this race?
  12. EggsBox

    Amashova 2013

    The route looks different? There were much more hills...
  13. EggsBox

    2012 94.7

    Thanks, also emailed them. First time this has happened to me; must be a bug in there systems.
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